Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Riverside County Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement grant is one that I am very suspicious of.  Riverside County offers no legal OHV and severely restricts OHV on private property.  In the grant they mention Wildomar, Star West and BLM land.  Wildomar is in the Cleveland National Forest, offers only 8 miles of trails and get their own LE grant.  Star West is a private motocross track and is not eligable for grant money and the Palm Springs BLM office is requesting $170k for LE.  I know that Riverside County has been trying to open a county OHV area for some time and has even received grant money to study this (which I previously supported).  As of yet, there is no OHV area run by Riverside County.  Until that happens, Riverside County's grant requests should get in line behind agencies that currently offer OHV opportunities.  I am not saying they shouldn't get funded, only that in these days of limited funding, this grant money should go towards protecting opportunity first.  Also, the MSRP for a KTM 500 is $9500(under $11k out the door), I'm not sure where $1366 comes from. [Ed Stovin - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-14-L 01  Law Enforcement

This is a perfect example how a city that does not provide OHV opportunity, does not meet with any group that I know of,  yet comes and wants $203.340 monies that could be desperately used for other Law Enforcement agencies that do provide OHV opportunity.

Riverside County  from 1977 to 1980 has  received $4,155.951 million dollars, the OHV Division has spent about 4 million in trying to come up with another site, and it has almost 2,000 acres of land in the county that the county will not let us use.  So here you have a county that continually ask for money and provides no opportunity. 
It is even worse than that, they have passed ordinances that private property owners have to get a permit to ride on their own property for fee's and controls, and no riding on any private property  even though the state  law permits that unless signed private or next to homes.
So you ask, why would I want to support a county that is totally against OHV and has since 1977 shown total contempt for OHV users and its Citizens that are OHV users.??

I totally oppose this grant as nothing but a taking advantage in these hard times that other agencies need the money and they should use their own funds.  God only knows the OHV program with millions in investments and owner of large parcel can not get anything  from this county. 
Zero Zero Zero for Riverside County. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]