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San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department  Law Enforcement - Barstow, Victor Valley and Twin Peaks grants support law enforcement that supports OHV activity in legal OHV areas.  In addition, Barstow giving free ATV safety classes is a bonus.  These grants should be funded as fully as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-15-L 01  Law Enforcement Barstow 
This agency does have a very large area to patrol.  They do an incredible job at Dumont Dunes, and have a good working relationships with the BLM, However, we have not seen anyone from the sheriff department from Red Mountain, Torona, Even though we have law enforcement meetings twice a year at Jawbone for all agencies, this agency has not been participating, yet they have a lot of land in our general geographic area. 
The request for 2 vehicles for $25,426.50  I don't believe is the best interest in OHV Funds, they need to pay Law Enforcement officers and they have trucks, You can not chase an OHV rider, you find them at their camps It would be nice if this agency found the time to have a dialog with the users in the area both at Jawbone and El Mirage meeting.  They used to do that, but now do not seem to find the time, yet all other agencies (except Los Angles County do)
G 11--03-15-L 02  Law Enforcement Victor Valley    
Here again this office has made no effort to dialog with any user group that I know off. Long time ago Friends of El Mirage that meets 2nd wed of each month for the past 12 years, has no one coming anymore,   There are needs at El Mirage, yet no dialog.   It is asking for equipment, but where are they using it?  Again chasing OHV is not the answer, it is getting them at their camp or at their homes , that is for locals who happen to do something against the law.

G 11-03-15-L 03  Law Enforcement Twin Peaks 
Same as all of the above.

G 11-03-15-15-L 01    Law Enforcement
This is my 2nd comment, and one I should have remembered.  San Bernardino County for as long as the OIHV program has been in place has what is called "In Lieu " fees that the county gets.
These fees are to be used for OHV related projects, it is a perfect way to get funds that OHV has already paid the County to pay for equipment.

The sheriff needs to go to the county controller and ask for the funds to pay for equipment, thus being able to reduce the grant requested, so that all sheriff departments can get a better share and not being cut out totally because of one county asking for a large sum of money.
Remember you have "In Lieu " fees, go get it from the county and purchase your equipment. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]