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City of California City


I support this grant request.

California City provides valuable and necessary facilities and services which benefit OHV users who visit their city. Cal City is seemingly one of the few municipalities which actually welcome OHV enthusiasts and as a result I support this grant request and ask that it be funded it in accordance to the OHMVR policies. [Bruce Miller - 4/2/12]

City of California City Ground Operations grants for development, opperations and maintenance, law enforcement and safety support an intensely used and loved OHV area and should be funded as fully as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

This his the only city that accepts OHV publics and the California City Dirt Team and Police and Fired department have done an incredible job.  

One item I wish this agency and all others that collect a fee, are up front in their application of what their OHV programs cost, and how they pay for it, Fee's, appropriated Dollars, and OHV green sticker fund. This would give you a good perspective of what the program cost the OHV community for the privilege to recreate in California City  
I support their grants with these comments
G 11-03-26-D 01  Development - OHV stating area Expansion  
This development is brining more amenities to the public, however it is a stretch to say it increases OHV opportunity. It is a comfort.  So will there be a charge for the privileged few that get these spots?   So many times folks tend to dominate areas and others never get to use the, yet it is being paid with OHV fund from all of us?   There does not seem to be a fairness of this.  
G 11-03-26-G 01  Ground Operations  
Maintenance Worker,  
$35 dollar per hour seems like a very high price to pay for a maintenance worker. Could this not be give to those that are un employed in this city similar to what Friends of Jawbone does at 1/2 of this fee?
Equipment Retrieval, 
This again is an expense that is not directly related to OHV on the ground opportunity.   
We have to remember we are 5 million dollars over subscribed in Ground Operation and there are those that have a lot of trail and OHV visitors opportunities that need the "boots on the ground" staff
Trash dumpster's for California City clean up, really is not part of OHV. This city has to fetch up to the condition this city is in, It is a trashed city.  City council does not enforce lids on dumpster's, or household can, thus the Ravens have the best feeding ground of any city. Trash is every place you look. This city needs to an ordinance banning plastic bags, and that would cut 90% of the trash we see in the city out .
As to Dumpster's for bid holidays weekends, yes, that is a good idea, Similar what BLM does in the desert, but $11,340 price tag.
Equipment use Expenses 
This  again is very high because the city has all the equipment you possibly need, and it is  a match, As to light, OK few holidays , that does not cost $12,000  
Equipment purchase 
Drag Rake, this is for $2,500 I have informed Eric that we will give them the rock rake we have at Jawbone which we no longer use.  We find it a lot more efficient to use our big equipment, This will save $2500 from Ground Operation  
G 11-03-26-S 01   Education & Safety  
This grant is high, but everything you can justify, Worry is that it should be trimmed so that it has a chance to getting funded. With only 1.050 million available   and 2.3 million in request, there is a lot of competition from 32 other grants. [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]