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Ventura County Sheriff's Department

I am reviewing the Ventura County Sheriff's Department Law Enforcement grant.  This is a comprehensive grant to cover many aspects of law enforcement within the county.  My first question is, how much land and/or how many miles of trails open to OHV are on Ventura County land?  If there is little or none, then I would ask that the Ventura County Sheriff's grant get put in line behind the agencies that actually have OHV on their land.  (these are opportunity grants, not just LE grants)  For example, Los Padres National Forest is in Ventura County, is named in this grant and has asked for a law enforcement grant of its own.  You name Hungry Valley as a place you patrol.  Work in State Parks is not eligable for grant money, since it is the same agency that is giving the grants.  You ask for $67k for a command center trailer.  This is an absurdly high amount of money for a trailer.  For example, the Cleveland National Forest is asking for only $11k for a command trailer   Where is your match for this?  You ask for money for CRF250XLC motorcycles.  This model motorcycle does not exist.  Honda does make a CRF230L that is street legal and a CRF250x that is not.  Please describe exactly what you would like to buy.  $4700 for two laptop computers is also absurdly high. Extremely good laptops can be had for well under $1000.   You ask for two "AT&T AirCard Service" for $540 each.  No such thing exists.  If you are asking for  something like "Sierra Wireless AT&T AirCard 890" they can be had for $99.75ea from Best Cellular Distributor.  Asked for are three Tuffy security pull drawers.  These cost $1329 ea, significantly less than the $3075.74ea in your grant.  The grant asks for $1000 for Sheriff's decals.  Seems high and not really the right place to get funding.  All the mentioned equipment has no match from the sheriff's, which makes me wonder how bad it really is needed.

I am all for law enforcement and wish Ventura County Sheriff's the best in their work, I just want State OHV funds to be spent properly and fairly. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-51-L 01  Law Enforcement
This county is a mystery to me, because I have never meet a Ventura County Sheriff. Now it od  not because of all the meetings with have with Los Padres National Forest, but they just never come.  I have no clue how they interact with the OHV community of local OHV users? 

This county does not provide any OHV opportunity, The forest services does and the OHV SVRA does, but the county does not. This county also collect in lieu fee's and there have been numerous times local Citizens have tried to find out what is the county is  doing with those funds. 
It is with this in mind, that I feel that the county if it wants equipment, it should go to the County controller and ask for money from the in lieu fees to pay for this.  That is the proper use of these funds.
This grant then can be reduced to help with Law enforcement staff that no one will argue that it is needed., 
So I support staff, but not equipment, They county should pay for it, as they have a lot of money given them to do just that. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]