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City of Porterville Parks & Leisure Services

The City of Porterville is asking for $200k for Operation and Maintenance. That seems awfully high for facility that charges people to ride there, especially since they only have three miles of "trails".  Do you check for green or red stickers at the gate?  This should be required to be eligible for grants.  I know a lot of OHV grant money has gone there to get it started and to maintain it. This facility should be close to, if not completely, self funded.  If there is O and M money left over after everyone else with OHV opportunity get theirs, then they should get some.  I do applaud the city for keeping this track open, I just hope it can be a self funded endeavor. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-24-G 01  Ground Operations for $211.151   
In 1981  the OHV program granted the City of Porterville $441.382  to develop 45 acres for a facility to have OHV racing and recreational riding on the project. Over the years, this project has received O & M, in amounts from $36,000 to $42,000   The Records the OHV divisin go to 1999 whre this city has received $619.382 from OHV program, There are no records available to the public what has been provided to the city for the next 12 yeas.
I know from personal experience, as an OHV commissioner during that 1983 period, I was there when the track was opened, and a  AMA national Event was held. That was the high light of that event.  Over the years, different management has torn out all of the bleachers built and other items built with OHV funds.  
In a PAR report of 2005  it listed  3 miles of trails and 20 acres for open riding, with a visitor ship of 8407  and today you show 3247  Nothing else has changed, same miles, same acres, yet less visitors, and a request for $211,151 in Grant. Amazing.  
The basic question is exactly what is your program.    
Who uses it?  
What do you charge riders to come in to ride ? 
What do you charge promoters to have events ?  
I am totally against this grant, and give you one possible suggestion to have a part time staff person maintain the area, but not the money you are asking for almost 1/2 of what it cost to build the place.
Remember our OHV program is to assist and help provide OHV opportunities, but not to be the sole source of income not with 3 miles of trails and 20 Acre and 3247 visitors.
You would be better off working with a motorcycle club and have them take it over and run it with volunteers, have the contractor friends do the work. Purchase equipment is complexly over the top  Sorry, it was a nice place, but city management has let it go down, and I do not believe it is the OHV program to bail out a city for not doing their job.   You have had the plenty of time to get your act together sine 1982 when a beautiful facility was provided to you.
I am against this grant as it takes funding away from Cities and Counties that do provide opportunities. [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]