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Tread Lightly! Inc.

Tread Lightly is a for profit organizations and in looking for the corporation of California, there is no record of them being a California Corporation as far as I can see.  Because of the short funds for Education at 1.05 million , these grants in amount of $165,554 is very high. This now is almost 15% of our education program, and is it worth it ?  Personally I would say no.  Let me go through the grants as follows.
G 11-04-26-S 01  Education Outreach
Cost of $14250 dollars is a lot of money, add to that of other grants here you are looking at over $20,000  and not single document is printed.   Tread Lightly has for years been the focus of providing literature at a fee for agencies to get as their education material.  
Vehicle expenses 
This entire grant is staff and vehicles, not a single peace  of educational literature is put out.  I do not support this grant . Period. 

G 11-04-26-S 02  Education & Safety Signage
Again this seems to be so broad , national camping that does not belong in an OHV grant program . Each agency is doing signs, and their camping, last thing we need is a for profit national organization telling us or our land managers what to put in the ground and what not to put out there.     This grant is acting as if they are the only ones doing signs, that is far from it and  can be more inexpensively done on local basis
I am against this grant
G 11-04-26-S 03  Education & Safety - Training
Training master trainers,   here again, we do not even have a State of California Education program, that covers the entire state. The OHMVR Commission has a committee to deal with this, but have yet to come up with a state wide program.  Trade lightly as far as I know has not been given that charge on behalf of all California users or agencies.  For years Tread lightly material has been used, as has NOHVCC  that also does training , and AMA.   For now when we only have 1.05 million for Education  so to  put so many dollars  into Tread lightly is a stretch
G 11-04-26-S 04 Education & Safety - effectivness Survey
This grant is totally not appropriate. State of California OHV program has had numerous studies done for their report to the legislature, This is not appropriate use of OHV funds.   
G 11-04-26-S 05  Education & Safety, Communications
Well, "Ride On - California sounds positive,but if you are going to print OHV hand outs, that is fine, but hunting, fishing, shooting, etc is not really what we are looking for.  We need to continue have literature on the proper use of public lands for OHV riding.   
Frankly I am disappointed in  the entire 5 grants as submitted for $165,554 dollars.  Had you asked for printing and shipping brochures to agencies, visitor centers on OHV use on public lands and private lands I would have supported that, But nothing.  You are coming up with programs from a corporate for profit stand point and asking OHV to subsidize your organization.  I have a big problem with that.  
Until there is a coordinated effort by the OHMVR Division , with concurrence of the OHV commission Safety and Education program, all these grants are getting ahead of themselves.  
Sorry,  I vote no on all these grants, because delivery is not there what we need, and we just do not have the money to give this kind of money to one for profit organization when we have  32 applicants for 1.05 million. [Ed Waldheim - 4/1/12]