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Lassen County Sheriff's Department

By combining the strengths of our Patrol Enforcement Deputies with our Reserve Deputy Sheriff Program we will be delivering dedicated hours of patrol, education, and positive law enforcement contacts with the recreating public.

For 2012 the Sheriff’s Office would like to address a noticeable lack of law enforcement presence at the SNO-PARKS, and in order to get our deputies beyond the very preliminary parking area’s at the SNO-PARKS, and onto the Over the Snow Vehicle area’s we will be applying for grants for OSV equipment. Due to the inherent danger’s of the subfreezing environment, and by it’s nature the remoteness of the area, it is necessary to always have two deputies together to patrol area’s requiring OSV’s. The Sheriff’s Office plans on requesting funding for two Snowmobiles and an enclosed trailer to transport them.

Comment: Reasonable and well considered request. Dovetails nicely with prior years grant, seeking further scope and outreach for OHV recreation. Recommend funding. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/30/12]