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Calaveras County Sheriff's Office

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Department is requesting funds to continue its OHV program. The funding received will allow the Sheriff’s department to continue to utilize (1) full time OHV deputy and add an additional part time deputy. The additional deputy will allow the department to safely deploy the OHV deputies. With a greater degree of officer/public safety, the deputies can access extremely remote areas thus offering additional law enforcement coverage for those participating in OHV related activities in the Stanislaus National Forest, Lower and Upper Interface and surrounding areas.

Comment: This request requires a lot of assumptions. No mention is made of a new quad and trailer in initial grant request, nor are the current OHV’s in use noted in the grant. Yet funding is outlined in the spreadsheet for both quad and trailer. The quad is for an additional deputy to ensure safety? So, if two deputies are to be deployed together, a second trailer would mean the expense of a second tow vehicle? Air time is not defined, is this helicopter support?

Although there are not requirements for correct spelling or grammar in grant requests, basic editing could have corrected the most obvious of the many that are contained in this request.

Hard to read and understand does not indicate unworthy. I recommend funding. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/30/12]