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USFS - Cleveland National Forest

I would like to comment on the Cleveland National Forest Southern ground operations grant request.  The Corral Canyon/Bear Valley Rd area is the closest quality OHV area to San Diego and is greatly valued by off-roaders in San Diego.  The entire grant looks good to me and should be fully funded.  Of note, the $5k for restrooms at 4 corners is especially a good idea.  The $10,900 for a comand post trailer is a modest request for what will be a very important fuction for managing the area.  The place intended to park it is an excelent pinch point and nearly all visitors to the area will pass by.  The OHV area is a somewhat hard drive from the agency office and this will make it much easier on the staff.  May I suggest adding a few more dollars to the grant to have some heavy equipment brought in to build a raised, leveled and fenced space to park the trailer?   I hope the Cleveland will continue to serve the off-road community with the same quality it has in the past.

The grant for Operations North seems reasonable except for the amount to be spent on potable water.  $2,880 for testing and $15,000 for water system repairs seems a little excesive for an OHV area with 8 miles of trails. Many OHV areas have no water available at all and this tiny area wants to spend this much?  I think bottled water could br brought in for far less.

The grant for Law Enforcement looks reasonable and should be funded to protect OHV opportunities in the CNF. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

Since the start to 2005, time that the OHV Division has record , this forest has received  $1,681,015 million dollars and the 12 years since then probably brining total received well within  2.5 million.  Now what do we have for that investment?   65 miles of trails,  Par Report for 2005 shows 31 miles, so to their credit they have increase the 50 inch or less. And visitors have gone from 35,700 to 81,171 so that is a good trend.   However  a forest of this size should be able to provide more 50 inch or less trails more trails 
This forest has also been in a battle with volunteers who have provided funding for improvements and never allowed the groups to install them in the forest. I personally had quarterly meetings with this forest, but because of the lack of management and user leaders to come to the table, gave up. So did Jan McGarvie . Why?   Today we still have quarterly meetings with 5 national forest from Inyo, Sequoia to S.Bdo, Angeles, Los Padres  all going strong and have public interaction with Forest Supervisor and District Rangers.

I support grants but with my concerns listed below.
G 11-02-02-G 01  Ground Operations  South
Because of the length we have been assisting this forest,  It seems incredible that today you are still asking for Biologist, Archeologist,    At $465 dollars and $425 dollar a day respectfully  what are they going to do that has not been done 1000 times over since the start of the OHV area. 
Equipment Purchase,  all of these, $33,498 is not needed ,not for 68 miles of trails.   In this time of over draft on Ground Operation in the tune of 5 million dollars, we are better served with boots on the ground and not equipment that if properly maintained can continue to be used, especially in such small areas.   
G 11-02-02-G 02  Ground Operation North  8 miles of trails in a 360 ac. site. 
Are there fees collect in camp ground?  
Have they separated the young kids as was planned on our tour with Tina Terrell? [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]