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Angeles National Forest Ground Operations grant is needed to maintain the Rowher Flats OHV area.  However, over $200k to pick up trash and do maintenance seems a bit much. 

The law enforcement grant seems reasonable and should be funded as fully as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

Since the start of grant and to 1999, a time of which record keeping by the OHV division stopped, Angeles Forest had received 4,392,522 million Dollars. From 1999 to 2011 , 12 more year you probably are well over the 5 million  mark in grants.   Now this is what I call a tremendous amount of money  for 45 miles of 50 inches or less trails and 270 miles open to all high clearance vehicles including Green Sticker.  This forest has the opportunity to do so much more in Rowher flat where they can double the 50 inches or less of trails, do improvement that have been neglected for years.  
I support these grants but have comments and need changes and more opportunity.
G 11-02-01-G 01  Ground Operations
Materials / Supplies, listed as 1  for $ 2300 should be  described exactly what are you getting for $2300 dollars , Same for Barriers.   They need to add more , since everything is closed unless signed open, you have to have the proper signings and material to get the job done and maintain it on a constant basis.
Equipment, purchase of GPS software and Tremble  , you would think after receiving over 4 million over all these years we would have to fund everything.  
OHV program was not to be the sole source of funding, it was to assist but not replace.    I go back exactly what have we received for $4,392.522 over all these years?  
We spent $725,120 on the road into Rowher, I asked that it be sealed and fixed, yet the forest has not felt necessary to help us protect that Green Sticker expenditure. Nothing has been done to the paved road since built   in  1983    .  This has to be fixed.  Bid provided to the forest was for $35,551  to do Slurry. 
G 11-02-01-R 01  Restoration
Because of the designated route system, and all trails should be signed there are a lot of areas that need barriers, wing fences , signing and then restoration,  This forest should expand their restoration program so as to make sure the public knows without a doubt and area is closed.  "out of sight  our of mind" [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]

Angeles Forest  Ground Operation:
Page 7 of 15   item 3  Materials / Supplies.  Other Barriers,  we feel that this amount of $2,300 is not adequate to get the job done, not in today's climate where "willfully ignorant public"  continues to challenge management  with Barriers,  We would like to increase this to $4,000 to add the Parachute cords for blocking and roping off areas that are off limits to the OHV users.   These ropes will last longer that what currently is being used, ribbons  come down to easy.  It is a constant job to keep barriers in place.
Page 8 of 15 Other Signs.  Here again we feel that $500 is totally inadequate to get the job done, not when you have a vast areas as this forest has to manage.  We would like to double this to $1000
Missing entirely is the Re seal of the pavement built with OHV Funds into Rowher Flat.  We have been asking the agency to put in for this re seal before we loose the entire road, and our investment  by OHV funds. A bid was given to the Forest for about $35,000 to get the job done, so we would like to make sure this is included into the grant.
Lastly we would like to encourage the Forest Service to develop more Single Track trails for the motorcycle riding public. This can be done in Rowher flat area that has tremendous potential to increase the number of trails there from 42 to maybe add another 20 to 30 miles.
Angeles Forest Restoration:  We discussed at length the project and had the Big Monitor to show us exactly what the pictures look like.   The only concern we have, is this enough money to get the job did to preserve the area for its historic value without having continued trespass by OHV riders.   This is something the Forest needs to access  
By means of this e mail, we are making our comments  between public , agencies and OHV Division. [Ed Waldheim - 3/6/12]