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City of Hesperia

This request is for funding of a MX track that is only open a Four days per week to the public?  and the OHV user has to pay to use this track.  The cost to operate this track should not come from the greensticker fund but from the gate fees paid. [Kidds - 4/2/12]

The city of Hesperia grant request for Development is a ridiculous request that should be fully denied.  They want money to build a building at  Competitive Edge MX park.  Despite the fact that this is an excelent place to ride motocross, the city leases the park to CEMX, who run it.  The city has no control over running the park and therefore has no right to receive any grant money.  If the city was running this park, this might be different.  If CEMX checked for and only allowed current green or red sticker vehicles, it might help their cause, but they don't.  I know this from personal experience.  I hope the track can continue to operate, just not with state grant money while it is privately run.

The City of Hesperia Ground Operation request is rediculous for several reasons and should be denied.  First, it is an exact copy of the grant request from CEMX, second, the city of Hesperia doesn't even run the track.  Nice try, but I do wish the track luck. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

My family and I enjoy Competetive Edge Motocross Park in Hesperia, California.  We want to make sure it stays open and accessible to all of us who ride it from SoCal, Arizona and Nevada.  Please do whatever necessary to keep it open and successful.  Thanks. [The Plitt family - 3/31/12]

G 11-03-99-D 01 Development  
This is a building to house equipment by a concessionaire who runs the track.   OHV program is not in the business to augment income for contractors This has been tried before and has failed.  When a contractor charges a fee, the fee should be  enough or priced enough to cover the cost of the operation.  OHV program is not set for that. I know there are a lot of folks who ride on the track and want this, but hey don't realize that these funds are to assure "Access to public lands" and not to subsidize a contractor or a city that has a contractor running their facility. 
I do not support this grant.
G 11-03-99-99-G 01 Ground Operations  $319.006 
I find this application interesting in the fact you provide no OHV opportunities except in a closed Track.  Conversely the City of California City provides incredible about of OHV opportunity and is asking less for Ground operation that this city.  With Ground Operation over  subscribed by 5 million, it is hard to think of this grant doing anything more than what riders already have in the park that charges a fee for their entry.
The OHV program is here to help agencies provide more OHV opportunity, but when there is a park that charges a fee, it hardly seems right that those hat go to a park should be subsidized by those that pay the fee.
Now if the City of Hesperia  would allow riding in remote areas or areas hat their own citizens recreate of years,  perhaps there is something, but right now you have law enforcement officers that will ticket anyone that rides on private property, even though by State law it is not illegal.  Only when property is signed, private property no trespassing, that folk has to honor those wishes. 
Everything in this grant it to maintain a tack that charges a fee.   When you do the numbers of users and visitors and entry fee, there is more than enough to be self sufficient, it does not need a subsidy. 

I do not support this grant. [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]

I would like you to know that I am really grateful for your support of the Competitive Edge Motocross Park. This park offers something for riders of all skill levels and is a clean, safe place for families to spend the day. I appreciate you and the support of your agency to keep this facility open and it is a real asset to the city of Hesperia. I would also like to thank you in advance for your continued support in the future. [Ty Oshiro - 3/29/12]

I am writing this to thank you for any and all support for Competive Edge Motocross Park and the City of Hesperia, California. This is a awesome facility that I am hoping to be as good for the community as for us riders and racers. Our race club (Over the Hill Gang Vet Motocross Club)  and many other race clubs are there on a regular basis, and look forward to each time there. [Ben Paris - 3/29/12]

I am writing to inform you of how grateful I am for the support that your agency has provided for Competitive Edge Motocross Park.
Additionally I wanted to tell you how important it is that your agency continues to support this track with any grant money that is available.
There is no other place in Southern California that has shown more support and concern for providing a safe and enjoyable experience for off road riders than this track.
The experience I and my friends have had going to this track is by far the best experience I have ever had in 14 years of riding.
The loss to the local community and to all of us that ride if this track were to close would be beyond description.
I implore you to support this track by providing whatever grant funding is available. The improvements to this facility in the last 6 months have been phenomenal and the concern for rider safety that this facility demonstrates on a daily basis tell me that this facility has the potential to be the best facility in California for OHV riders.
Thanks for your consideration of this matter. [Steven Landsberg - 3/29/12]

I just wanted to let you know that my family and i enjoy riding at competative edge in hesperia, is just about the only place my kids can go and have fun riding while staying away from gangs,drugs,crime.I hope this facility will remain open for everyone to enjoy.thanks for your time   [Brian - 3/28/12]

i am writing this letter to let you know how much my family and i enjoy riding at competative edge in hesperia.This is one of the best ways to keep my kids away from all of the troubles in life that arw sp easily accesable to th now days.i hope this track will continue to operate.thanks for your time. [Brian - 3/28/12]

Please help keep COMPETATIVE EDGE MX PARK in hesperia ca operating.myself and my entire family enjoy riding there.thanks for your time. [Brian - 3/28/12]

I'm writing to support Competitive Edge and the facilities they provide.  It is a great venue for families to enjoy outdoor activities.  My family, 3 boys and my wife, enjoy the park and spending time there.  It is only of only a handful in the Southern California area.

My family and I appreciate any support you can provide. [Ted Wagner - 3/27/12]

I am writing you to thank you for all the support your agency has given the City of Hesperia and the Competitive Edge Motorcycle Park. I am also writing you to encourage you and your agency to continue that support for the upcoming year. There are not allot of places left like this facility. It's definitely an asset to the community and families who enjoy the OHV experience. I have raised my children at this park enjoying the festivities and riding are motorcycles and quads. Please help us maintain this facility by considering their grant. [John Bell and Family - 3/27/12]

The High Desert has a very large Motorcycle community. Because of the open deserts people move up here just to ride their Motorcycles. The problem is now that over the past several years many of these open areas have been dreamed private property and trespassing charges have been given to riders that have always ridden these properties or areas.

Since the opening of Competitive Edge MX park the problem of trespassing by Motorcycle riders has been lessened. The owner and Staff at The complex have created a rider friendly and safe atmosphere. There are tracks and areas for riding for all age and skill levels.

It is extremely important that Competitive Edge MX Park stay open to continue giving Riders from the High Desert and even all around Southern California a place to practice and compete in a sport that we the riders love.

Thank you for your Time. [Kent Watson - 3/27/12]

I would like to extend my support for the CEMX Facility in Hesperia.  I have ridden there many times & found it to be an excellent & well-run recreation area.  I have seen many improvements & would very much encourage support of this much-needed Park & the improvements that could be realized with the funds from the OHV Grant Funds Program.

Thank You for your time & consideration in this matter. [Larry Curl - 3/27/12]

I would like to take this opportunity to express my support for the Competetive Edge Motocross Park in Hesperia California.  This park is valuable to the City as well as my family for recreation and family activity.  We regularly make the one plus hour drive to this exceptional facility.  I thank you for your support of this park and others like it. [Robert McLoud - 3/27/12]

Please accept and issue the grant for Competitive Edge Motocross Park. This is a great motocross facility supporting a great sport. This facility adds to the economy in Hesperia and beyond. Ceasing the grant to Competitive edge would be a mistake.

Thank you for you time. [Garrett A. Morrow - 3/27/12]