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BLM - Arcata Field Office

Ground Operations:
Grant request to cover employee compensation, supplies, etc. Facility appears to be well managed. Limited to day use as there are no camping facilities. Smaller number of visitors but suited to size of facility.

As this is a multiple use area, and there may be some overlap of employee duties, I would suggest educating all users as to the contribution of OHV funds to operate the park.

Otherwise recommend funding.

Law Enforcement:
This project requests funds to provide a law enforcement presence that includes three BLM law enforcement (LE) rangers at Samoa Dunes Recreation

Salary requested in above grant(Ground Operations) for “Outdoor Recreation Planner,” used as Matching Funds. Not appropriate.

The patrol staff is used for the entire park, not just the OHV area. While portions of the salary are allocated to match, this still has OHV picking up a proportionally larger funding obligation. As suggested above, listing OHV funding in promotional materials would help us to educate the public to the Community’s contribution for all recreation. [Diana Mead, CORVA, ASST to N. Director, Grants - 3/26/12]