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BLM - Barstow Field Office

I support this grant request.
The BLM Barstow Field Office provides California OHV users with considerable opportunities on BLM land. The area is large and use is high resulting in a significant cost to the agency. I believe their operations grant request should be funded to the extent possible. [Bruce Miller - 4/2/12]

The BLM  Barstow, El Mirage and Dumont Dunes Ground Operations, Law Enforcement and Education grants provide funding for important OHV areas and should be funded to the fullest extent possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

I would like to support this offices grants but have comments for the Agencies consideration.
G 11-01-04-501  Barstow Ground Operation
This field office reports  8686 miles of trails, which is same reported in 2005, and visitors of 1,120.037 which is up from 2005  report from 872.272.   Now  with these many trails, and designated not only because of management plans,WEMO, but now by court order, it seem impossible for this office to maintain all these signs on trails once placed there by July 25, 2011.   In other words, once trails are signed they have to be maintained, and I do not see where there is a dedicated staff  to do this.   They list 200 fiberglass signs.   This is completely unreasonable to cover 8686 miles of trails.   The project description talks about everything except dedicated crew to maintain signs and trail maintenance .  
G 11-01-04-G 02   El Mirage Ground Operations 
The entry road pavement needs resealing and it has to be done before the road looses its consistency.  A bid was provided to BLM to do this job for $50.267.    This needs to be added to this grant.    This is also a fee area and no mention of total collected per year. 
G 11-01-04-G 03  Dumont Dunes  
This is a fee area and there is no mention of fee's collected in this grant, in other words what is the total cost of the project , and thus how much of OHV funds are requested to manage Dumont Dunes?   Dumont dunes has seen a lot of improvements and we need to add the painting of the restrooms walls and floors that are looking pretty bad. [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]