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BLM - Bishop Field Office

The BLM Bishop Field Office  Law Enforcement grant looks good and should be funded.  What I would like to know is with so much OHV opportunity in the district, why is there no grant application for operations and maintenance?  [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

I would like to support the grants provided by this field office with the following comments.
G 11-01-05-L 01  Law Enforcement
Because this field office has not asked for any Ground Operation, it also 2500 miles of trails, with 1894 open areas and  visitors of 902,634  . It is interesting that the PAR report of 2005 showed single track miles of 2300 and miles non pavement of 750 .  Visitors in 2005  at 159,000. Now that is an incredible increase of visitors and not to have Ground operation, or even signs for the Law Enforcement to install really makes me wonder.  Signs are a key for visitors to find their way and stay on Designated trails.

G 11-01-05-R 01  Restoration Tungsten Hills 2012
In equipment it is purchasing a $2000  GPS. How many of these equipments has OHV purchased and why now for a $41,000 grant? [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]