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BLM - El Centro Field Office

Please see attached letter of support for the BLM El Centro Field Office Grants and Cooperative Agreements Application. [Nicole Nicholas Gilles, Executive Director, American Sand Association - 4/2/12]

BLM  El Centro Field Office grants for ISDRA Ground Operations, Law Enforcement and ISDRA Safety should all be fully funded.  I would like to see a breakdown of the $24,000 worth of items for safety equipment in the LE grant.  Also, In the LE grant, what laptop computers cost $5000 each?  My Google shopping search found the most expensive laptop at about $3000, with many great units under $1000.  The ISDRA is a hugely popular area and the grants for it should funded as fully as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

I would like to support grants by this office with few observations.
G 11-01-09-G 01  ISDRA Ground Operations
It is interesting that in 2005   the PAR report had visitors at 1,200,000 and today reports is 7,559,069.  Is this correct and how are these numbers arrived at?   This grant also shows 3486 miles of routes, how is that possible?   PAR report has it at no miles, and 95,000 acres and this grant shows it at 137,253 Acres, please clarify this.   If this grant also includes routes in the El Centro Field office, it does not so state. The ISDRA does not report any income from fee's  what happens to those fee's.   Best way to understand the total project is to have a total cost for OHV management,   In 2005 the field office stated that it needed $6,629.972 to run the program. Of that Fee's accounted for $3,240.500  and Appropriated fund $375,520 and grants given then was $200,000 so there was a deficient, What are the true numbers today to run the program in the ISDRA? 
G 011-01-09-L 01  ECFO law Enforcement 
It seems usual that now a radar for $12,000 , Computer for $20,000  is requested, How many of these equipments have been purchased in the past. 
Also usual there is not a single brown post for signing in the ECFO, and I have to supposed the 3486 miles shown in the ISRDA are actually in  ECFO, yet no money for all the signs put up in the form or maintenance or trail maintenance.   Please explain, how 3486 miles are maintained  with signing and trail maintenance. [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]