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BLM - Redding Field Office

On behalf of the Redding Dirt Riders, I wish to comment on preliminary grant applications submitted. Specifically, the following two entities and the following specific grant requests:

BLM Redding:
1. G11-01-14A01
2. G11-01-14G01
3. G11-01-14L01

USFS – Shasta Trinity National Forest
1. G11-02-16-G01
2. G11-02-16-S01

The Redding Dirt Riders pay green sticker fees, sponsor OHV related events and recreate in our area and other areas throughout California. We are very frustrated seeing these fees “borrowed” by government entities with no clear planned or perceived payback schedule. We feel the monies we spend on green sticker fees should be used for their intended purpose and the mission of the Redding Dirt Riders: “To promote and further OHV opportunities.”

We feel strongly that the above grant funds, if awarded, will be of great and direct benefit to OHV opportunities in the Northern California area. e fully support the above grant applications as written and appreciate the efforts of the requestors. [Karl Hankins, President, Redding Dirt Rider - 4/2/12]

I would like to support the grant but have questions.

G 11-01-14-A 01   Chappie Acquisition FY 12
Having been there during my commission terms, I fully support the continued acquisition to this riding area. 

G 11-01-14-G 01  Chappie-Shasta Ground Operations
The PAR report of 2005  reported total trails 220  today you show  561  How many of these trails are 50 inches or less.  You  also show visitation of 647,712 visitors where in 2005 you only had  32,000   How are these numbers arrived at?

Equipment purchase of trailer and cement mixer  $18,000  What other equipment has been purchased with OHV funds.   A trailer does not cost $15,000 if you are going to use if for quads, and cement mixer you can rent on for the times you use it.  Reason I bring this up is that with 5 million over subscribed in Ground Operation, something has to give or someone who really needs the grants to assist  in managing the OHV program will be left out in the cold.   It is also strange that there are no request for signs to sign trails, Are these being purchased from appropriated dollars.  That is one reason we really need to know what is your total OHV program costing and how are you paying for it. [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]

Acquisition: This project requests funding for the acquisition of two privately owned parcels of land within the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area. Individual costs funded by this project include BLM staff time, appraisal and escrow costs, hazmat review, and purchase cost of the properties.

Comment: Recommend award. These parcels are contiguous to existing OHV opportunities.

Ground Operations: This project requests funding to perform ongoing maintenance of the roads, trails, staging areas and campgrounds within the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area (Chappie-Shasta)

Comment: Expenses are reasonable but should cuts be needed in funding requests there are several areas where this grant request could be scaled back. Savings would however be fairly small in the overall buget.

Law Enforcement: This project will fund routine patrol and enforcement of the Chappie-Shasta OHV Area (Chappie-Shasta). Costs associated with this project will include staff time, brochure/map/guide reprint, safety equipment replacement, and vehicle use expenses.

Comment: Funding request is reasonable. Recommend award. [Diana Mead, CORVA- Asst to N. Director, Grant - 3/26/12]