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BLM - Ukiah Field Office

Ground Operations: This project requests funding to assist with maintenance of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) OHV system and facilities within the South Cow Mountain & Knoxville OHV Recreation Areas. All OHV Grants management at BLM Ukiah is now supervised by a full-time OHV Park Ranger.

Comment: Maintenance of rest rooms as a separate line item seems odd and expensive. Wonder why this is not included in the man hours?
Other line items seem higher than necessary. No mention is made of numbers of visitors. Parking for motorhomes is very limited. Recommend funding.

Law Enforcement: The BLM Law Enforcement patrols will occur at both SCMRA and KRA with a weekly minimum. Special effort for night time patrols will be implemented via coordination with Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department and City of Napa Olice Department (of Napa County). Night time patrols will focus on weekends and additional random weekday patrols from January to December. A minimum of 2 officers per shift for Officer safety. The shifts would be between 2000 to 0600.

Comment: Napa County Sherriff’s department has taken LE responsibility for the Knoxville area. Lake County Sherriff’s Department likewise takes responsibility for LE in the S. Cow Mountain area. Both entities have applied for LE grants for these OHV areas.

Although the BLM needs to have LE personnel, presumably to approach land use from a federal perspective and to assist in SAR efforts, it is beyond comprehension how much redundancy is in the competing grants.

Recommend some funding to allow for positive perception of BLM personnel, LE and Operations. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/29/12]

I would like to support any grant that provides OHV opportunity, however there is a direct relationship between monies spend , visitors and trails available for use.   Here are my comments
G 11-01-17-G 011  Ground Operation 
This grant funding seems to be higher than normal in that you only have 152 miles of trail, 95,083 visitors and 47,000 ac open riding, if I read this correctly.  That means you can go anyplace you want on those 47,000 acres?   This has to be clarified.   In the 2005 Par report, this field office only has 266 miles of single track miles, and now it is down to 152. It also had no Open areas.  It has 65,000 visitors.   So your visitors have gone up, miles of trails have gone down, and how did you get all that open area this document claims is open riding?  
Because of the 5 million over subscribed of Ground operation, everything has to have a relationship between  visitors, miles of trails for OHV  and funding requested.
As I recall, Ukiah does have a period where riding can not be done because of weather restrictions.  The fact you have Seasonal Park Rangers tells me that this facility is not open year round.   In looking at your staffing, it seems  high especially $36,000 for restroom contract  cleaning when you have staff to do that work.,?  
Recreation planner is also out of line with 1800 hours $58,401 request for grants? This is an area that we have been funding for a very very long while, even when I was on the commission, and what we need are not planners but boots on the ground.  
As to the equipment purchase   $19,200  why?  what happened to all the equipment that has been purchased in past years with OHV funds? [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]