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Los Exploradores Search & Rescue, Inc.

This request is for SAR teams at events this cost should be paid for by the racers not funded from greensticker [Kidds - 4/2/12]

I have some serious concerns with the proposed Safety grant application from Los Exploradores Search and Rescue.
First let me say that I am a lifelong OHV and motorcycle enthusiast and a fan of organized race events.  I fully support the mission of OHMVR Division and am grateful for the Division’s role in supporting and sustaining motorized off highway recreational opportunities throughout California.
The OHMVR Division’s grant process was revamped in 2008 with the passage of Senate Bill 742.  Further definitions and restrictions are defined in the Public Resources Code (PRC).  For example, PRC Section 5090.50 states with regard to Education and Safety grants that a safety grant must “provide safety programs associated with off-highway motor vehicle recreation”.
My concerns are about the proposed use of OHV Trust Fund money for the support of organized race events.  Organized race events are attended by paying attendees, generate a large amount of cash flow for the organizers, and have nothing to do with “OHV Recreation” that the OHMVR Division’s Grants and Cooperative agreement program is intended to support.
I have read the safety grant application for Los Exploradores Search and Rescue and while I have no doubt that Los Exploradores provides a valuable and much needed service to AMA District 38 race events, I do not feel that the OHV Trust Fund should be paying to equip their entire operation.
Simply put, organized motorcycle race events are not and cannot be construed as a form of “OHV Recreation” pursuant to the intent of PRC Code 5090.50.  Any funding to support such organized race events would constitute an illegal use of OHV Trust funds.
Thank you for your consideration. [Jon Baker - 3/23/12]