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Western Shasta Resource Conservation District

The Restoration facet of this request, is a bit misleading although the intention is clearly outlined. The funds are being requested to develop a plan for restoration. The request does not explain clearly why such a plan is needed at this time. There is no outline or description beyond a  vague geographic location, of areas to be addressed. Is it the areas that the BLM has cordoned off, or areas of trails currently under use?

Given the scarcity of funds and the broad need for boots on the ground funding, this request is a case of, “it can’t hurt to ask”. Should the requestor return with a clear description of the areas to be addressed and a commitment from the BLM to implement the study results, my recommendation could change. As presented, I recommend not funding this request at this time.

The Education & Safety request is a complete plan. I take issue with individual line items, but overall, it is a well developed proposal.

It is highly unlikely that an individual delivering a motorcycle safety class would not have their own safety gear to use in demonstrations. To spend $1,000 on new gear, $500 per set is unnecessary. Training for every day riding should emulate “every day” riding with equipment that the trainer typically uses. 

The set of training materials at $5,000 could also be mitigated. For instance, a “used” first aid kit, for demonstration purposes, should be acceptable. The club partnering for this project could certainly provide examples of spark arrestors, for no cost.

The cost of staff to roll out the program seems excessive for a four to five month long program.

The reward system is well thought out and workable. I agree there is a need for this type of program and the partnership of the requestor, local clubs and the BLM is laudable.

Recommend funding, but not at the numbers proposed. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants, Escarabajo Buggy Club - 3/24/12]