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Desert Group Search & Rescue Volunteer, Inc.

G 11-04-09-S 01  Education and Safety
This group is incredible in their ability to continually service the customers needs when in the Ridgecrest BLM and other areas in Kern County. They volunteer so much of their time that you wonder how they can possibly do it, but they do.  In the fact that all their time, 4500 hours is volunteer and they are asking for supplies, supplies when there is an injured person, nothing is spared. I know, I have seen them in action.
I do have my concerns on items listed below, not as a criticism, but fact that  there just is not enough money to go around.
$8628 is very reasonable, they use their own equipment and equipment purchased with OHV funds in the past 
Equipment Purchase 
Repeater, is something we have been talking for a long time, the ability to reach out in dead areas is very important and hope this will solve the problem.
I have a hard time with the UTV rescue, reason is that there is only so much money for this category and I would hate to see them loose it or others get nothing because of this big dollar $22,000  There is a point when how much is enough.   There is no list of exactly what has been purchased with OHV funds, and are all the items under others going to be used for existing OHV purchased equipment?  
Lap Top software  $11,272   you have to wonder why would you need 4 of these.  you have your command center and seems excessive, again, there is only 1,050 million in this category. [Ed Waldheim - 4/1/12]

The Desert Group Search and Rescue Volunteer grant for Education & Safety is exactly what the grant program was designed to do, help injured off-roaders.  Please strongly consider fully funding this grant. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife supports the funding for this group.  They are a hard working volunteer group responsible for saving a significant number of people, finding the lost and sometimes finding those who didn't make it. [Marie Brashear - 3/26/12]