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USFS - Inyo National Forest

G11-02-05-G03 (ground ops) - This grant, with a priority on implementing the access-sustaining mitigation detailed in the 2009 Travel Management ROD, is critical to sustaining motorized recreation and the health of the land on the Inyo National Forest. The work performed under this grant is what keeps roads open, streams flowing and recreating public educated on how to explore and enjoy the incomparable landscape that is the Inyo National Forest.

G11-02-05-P01 (planning) - The Inyo's 2012 request to fund ongoing review of the 2009 Travel Management Designation is a sound grant worth funding.

Sound management of any recreational activity on public lands requires periodic review and adaption to changing and emerging conditions. This is especially true for management of the designated system of roads and trails for motorized use on the Inyo National Forest. Rather than allow the Travel Management decision to sit on a shelf, the Inyo continues to deliver a thoughtful and model program of real on the ground accomplishments coupled with the iterative planning process members of the public expect to sustain motorized recreation and land health on the Inyo National Forest.

G11-02-05-G03 (development) - This development grant to install additional infrastructure in numerous campgrounds between Mammoth and June will improve visitor experience, as well as wildlife health. Installation of fire rings will also improve campground sanitation and appearance. As such this grant deserves to be funded. However, it must be noted that the increase in OHV use at these campgrounds has not been without an impact on the land and other users.

The influx of motorized users using these campgrounds as staging areas has displaced many non-motorized users. While outside the scope of this grant, the Forest should perhaps consider concentrating OHV use at a given facility that is managed in such a way as to provide sustainable ingress and egress, as well as accommodate large tow vehicles, while maintaining a more traditional environment at another set of facilities.

G11-02-05-S01 (education) - The Inyo NF's grant to support an Eastern Sierra Community-based education campaign to educate the public about how how to sustain motorized recreation and the health of the land is, hands down, one of the best grants submitted to the Division in the decade I have been following and commenting on the OHV grants program. So many people talk about the need for "education," yet so few step up to make it happen.

Well, with this grant, INF staff, along with members of the local community, have stepped up in a huge way to make education happen. This grant deserves to be fully funded. It is my hope that Division staff will also be able to participate in this process and help replicate any products, messages and process that develop from this proposed project.

To support this grant, I will pledge at least 5 days of my time as a Friends of the Inyo staff member towards the deliverables of this grant (5 days @ $200/day for a total match of $1000). If this project works as intended, I am sure this match will grow as more and more people who care about sustaining recreation across Eastern Sierra Public Forest Land step forward and get involved. [Paul McFarland - 4/2/12]

This forest with 2216 miles of routes available. , however it does not show what are the number  for 50 inches or less.  In 2005 the PAR report showed 300 miles of trails and 3100 miles for open use.  Now we understand that designation has taken place since then, but it would be good  to have a mile count on 50 inches or less. Why? It is this side of user community that is desperately looking for a better experience than being on a level two road. Visitor numbers have dramatically shot up to 627,470 from 74,500 in 2005. However from the start of the OHV program to 1999 in which OHV division has records, total of $2,078.820 million in grants was provided and now to that the last 12 years this forest is probably well into the 3 million mark of having received OHV funding to assist in providing  OHV opportunity.  
I support grants with these comments below.
Grants General Application Requirement lists the grants, but after printing what is on  OLGA now I find that the number of total grant request do not match the sheet provided with $1,496.430  How is this possible?  
G 11-02-05-D 01  OHV Campground Improvements   
OK  though fire rings sure are high.
G 11-02-05-G 01 and G 11-02-05-G 02  both are on General Application, yet there are no documents on OLGA to support these. This is very confusing when you print out the sheet with $1,496.430 million in fact it is not that much if  G 01 and G 02 are gone???
G 11-02-05-G 03  Maintenance, Operation, Mitigation's
This grant ,as all have, do not have enough boots on the ground. you need to have 2 full time crews doing signings,  So with partners, that would be 2080 hours per year per person, 2 teams of 2, would be  8320 hours times $22 per hour that comes to $183,040 per year to that you add 2 vehicles, and supplies, gas and repairs.  
In this grant I see Seasonal OSV for 100 days, campground host 2240 hrs at 20.85 per hour Resource Specialist, Supervisor 120 days at 290 dollar per day, Map tech 50 days at 225 per day.

On page 7 of 21 you finally come to permanent tech for summer maintenance and patrol  240 days at 225 per day that comes out to $28.12 per hour. 

Fire prevention , work lead to manage Ameri Corps  160 days  for $32,800?. Sorry, total staff is $304.6290 and when you really do the math, you do not have many boots on the trail
We have talked about this, Since the forest has designated route system, it has to be signed, and anything not on system has to be closed with sign, wing fence, and restored. This can not be done on part time basis.  
This grant also is missing Kiosk at key areas  

Page 11 of 21, supplies Geo Fabric post 1 for 1000 each and $1000 exactly what are you going to get .
What really should be stated how many 6 foot brown fiber board you are going to get at cost of $14.60 each With 2216 miles of trails that need signing, you can hardly do that with $1000.  
Just as example Friends of Jawbone has purchased this year 3000 fiber post at 14.60 each for total cost of $43,800  Now that is what I am looking for in Inyo National forest.  
You can not expect to enforce or expect public to stay on your designated routes  with out proper signing both those that are open and those that are closed.  That is key to OHV management.  
This grant also has a lot of OSV and really mixing up what is true Summer OHV opportunity or expenses vs OSV. I wish this was separated so you can get a true picture.
Also all grants should all have the same measurement. Quantities should be un unites or hours. Cost per hour should be by hours,  To many question exists on exactly what are you getting with the one unit and dollar value.

Most folks can understand one post, at 14.60 a piece and times those you want to buy then you know what you are getting. Now we have no clue.

Contracts, Ameri Corp, 1 108,000 Exactly what on earth am I am getting for that.  couple of guys and a brand knew F 350 Super Cab? This just is not enough information on which to base sound judgement.  
G 11-02-05-P 01   Travel Management Improvements  
Grant sheet shows 108.750 yet the general application shows $91.550   All numbers are not matching.
This grant I really do not understand it. I go back what I have been saying meeting after meeting, Boots on the ground.  You want trails signed. You did inventory  you are supposed to be signing trails, what on earth will this $108.750 do  to get the job on the ground done?   Sorry, but we probably should have taken more time to go over these. With 5 million over subscribed on Ground Operation, I am looking for boots on the ground, that is what the OHV program is to help with, not to supplement wages of any agency.
G 11-02-05-R 0-1  Restoration   Sierra Front, Glass Mtns.  
This type of grant should be expanded. Funding for restoration should have just as much emphasizes as Signing open routes. Why, if you have a route that is not open to public use and you do not disguise it or block it or sign it, it will continue to be used. You should ask for more restoration money and get the in this forest done quicker.
G 11-02-05-S 02   Eastern Sierra Community - Based Campaign  (in General Application it is shown as R 02?)
This grant is one we all talked about and anyone can spend $26,000 on brochures, For that matter the Inyo North and Inyo South has all the education material on the back you can possibly have. This group has to really be a joint venture between public, Forest, non profit, city and County officials to make it work. We all talked about education, and it starts with locals.
I did not expect to get into so much detail, but it is very hard to figure out what we are actually doing on the ground. I can just imagine what the public thinks in looking at all these numbers. There has to be a simpler way to do these explanations. number have to match, units have to be better described, exactly what are all these folks doing that are not with boots on the ground to keep our "access to public lands" Again OHV funds are here to assist, not to replace salaries for staff. [Ed Waldheim - 3/30/12]

The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife cannot support the grants requested by the Inyo National Forest.  We and others have in the past been supportive only to find the projects presented to the public and supported by the public were switched to projects never supported by the public.  The grant request under for mitigation suggest that roads could be opened and are scheduled to be opened after being mitigated.  What this mitigation is to be has not been stated by the FS and is not stated in this grant request.  Again,  the Inyo National Forest has a reputation for baiting and switching.  We cannot support their grants. [Marie Brashear, President - 3/26/12]

I feel the USFS should include in their ground operations grant the concept of the adventure trail and loop systems in the Independence Ca. area. [Susan Blanco - 3/21/12]