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BLM - Needles Field Office

BLM  Needles Field Office Ground Operations and General Maintenance grant looks good and should be funded, however, the program expense for Other-Resources Staff for $46,440 should be explained.  Otherwise, match amounts look good and there is lots of opportunity.

The Needles Field Office Law Enforcement grant looks good, except for the price of a dual band mobile radio.  $6500 seems pretty high

The Needles Field Office grant for Planning - Special Recreation Permitting is one of those necessary evils.  It is needed to streamline event permits and seems reasonable, given the NEPA work required.

The Safety and Education grant looks good.  The only part that bothers me is that it would take over 10% of the safety and education grant budget for the whole state for the year.  I understand that $100k doesn't go very far when you are hiring people and building a program, so we will have to see how the rest of the state's grants look.  I do wish you luck with all the good work your office would like to do for OHV recreation. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

I would like to support these grant, have a few comments below.
G 11-01-12-G 01  Ground  Operation 
The report shows 307,381 visitors and in 2005 the PAR report showed  52,000   How are these numbers arrived at.  Miles of trails showed 3282 under single track trails, , but this time it shows 3200  under total miles for everything.  Are there no single track or quad 50 inches or less?     I believe that  that 82 brown post hardly will cover the maintenance for 3200 miles of "Designated trails"   These trail signs have to be maintained on a constant basis, and 82 signs hardly will cover that.   Same for decals, that is totally inadequate to maintain this amount of OHV opportunity. 3200 miles of OHV opportunity is very commendable. 
G 11-01-12-P 01  Planning , SRP
With this grant are we to believe that once this is done that there would be minimal consolations or a programmatic clearance on routes so permitted can get their permits quicker and not have to go over the same trail clearance year after year.
G 11-01-12-S 01   Education and Safety
This is a good grant with the idea of a Rodeo type approach to get all visitors to come and get proper training   . This will go long way to get the "Wilfully Ignorant" and help Children better understand how to preserve our sport, environment and their own safety. [Ed Waldheim - 3/26/12]

Great, great package.  What is proposed is needed.  Really, really liked your educational proposal.  The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife is glad to support the Needles Field Office grant request. [H. Marie Brashear - 3/20/12]