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National Park Service - Mojave National Preserve

This grant request is for $220,000 to build only four miles of fence is way too high. [Kidds - 4/2/12]

G 11-05-02-R 01  Restoration 
Construction and installation of  miles of vehicle barrier. What type of barrier, $200,000 is a steep price for 4 miles of fence.   
I also wonder why would NPS come to OHV for funding when NPS is over flowing with money much to the construction of all other Federal Agencies?   
What coordination is being done with the Brastow BLM office and they have the Rasor Open area to manage. 
Also if this is a contract, why is OHV being asked to pay for safety glasses, reflective tape and communications $10,000 Seems that if you are letting a contract out, there should not be hardly any other expense to the OHV program.  Certainly NPS already has communications in place. [Ed Waldheim - 4/2/12]

The Mojave National Preserve grant request serves a really good purpose.  The prevention of inadvertent trespass by OHVs into restricted portions of the Preserve.  The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife's Water for Wildlife Committee works with the MNP in other endeavors.  We are pleased to support this grant request. [H. Marie Brashear, President - 3/20/12]