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American Desert Foundation

Please see attached letter of support for the American Desert Foundation’s Grants and Cooperative Agreements Application. [Nicole Nicholas Gilles, Executive Director, American Sand Association - 4/2/12]

American Desert Foundation grant request for ATV safety training should be fully funded to help make recreation safer in the dunes.  The cost of $1,250 for each of two loaner ATV's seems somewhat low.  Enough to by used Yamaha Blasters maybe. Unless you are getting a discount from a manufacturer, I would recommend spending a little more to get better ATV's.  [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

The American Desert Foundation grant question 10 notes that they will be doing Outreach at a show in September but they did not check the box. They could score the full 14 points if they did so. [Scott Johnston - 3/14/12]