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9. Average Time Exposed to Message - Q 9. (Education Project ONLY)
9. Average time a participant will have exposure to the Project’s message or training through educational
methods identified in Question 10: 2
(Check the one item of highest point value that applies) (Please select one from list)
Greater than 2 hours (4 points)
1 hour to 2 hours (3 points)
5 minutes to less than 1 hour (2 points)
1 minute to less than 5 minutes (A Project for maps will fall under this category) (1 point)
Less than 1 minute (No points)
Explain checked statement:
Brief instructional discussion to otain bandanas and handouts.

Was curious if the training sessions for the volunteers would qualify for 1 to 2 hours for an additional point here?? [Scott Johnston - 3/14/12]