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Nevada County Sheriff's Office

This project will allow the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office to positively impact OHV/OSV problems ranging from registration violations to fatal collisions. We will contact OHV/OSV enthusiasts, educate and take enforcement action when and where necessary to ensure that all OHV/OSV are properly operated as required by law.

Comment: The Nevada County Sherriff’s Dept patrols a huge and geographically challenging region. I have spoken to some members of this department while recreating in the Town of Washington. They have an outstanding attitude toward OHV recreation and are well aware of the benefits OHVers bring to areas like Washington, California. Their approach is clearly one of education and adherence to safety laws. Their presence is positive and the kind of relationship network between the local, visitor and OHV communities create wins for all. Recommend funding. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/30/12]

I am writing in opposition to this grant request.  I am a resident of Truckee, CA , own a 4X4 vehicle, own a dirt bike and own a mountain bike.  The OHV program continually funds enforcement requests only to have more and more area closed to OHV use.
Your grant request describes funds for staff to handle complaints from adjacent land owners, monitor compliance from out of state users, catch trespass riding in areas closed to OHV use, monitor for spark arrestors and helmets, passing out information and minimize annoyances such as excessive speed, dust and sound.  Since your department is a authorized enforcement agency the funds for enforcement should be part of the department's spending and operating budget. 

OHV funds are used to maintain, manage, preserve and expand the riding opportunity for owners of OHV's registered in the OHV program.   A better use of OHV funds for enforcement is to be proactive rather than reactive. Examples of pro activity are:
  • It is recommended to educate current, new and prospective adjacent landowners about OHV use in their area.
    It is recommended to coordinate and work with local dirt bike clubs.
  • It is recommended to coordinate and work with out of county dirt bike clubs that use the land in your jurisdiction.
  • It is recommended to coordinate and work with OHV users groups such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association).
  • It is recommended to implement a web site about OHV riding opportunity and OHV enforcement problems in your jurisdiction.  Typically an out of state or out of the local area OHV user is of an age where information from the internet is part of their daily regimen.
  • It is recommended to subscribe to various web sites dedicated to 4X4 owner groups, dirt bike groups, atv groups, etc. to get the word out about enforcement problems with OHV's 
  • It is recommended to reach out to local motorcycle shops, off highway vehicle shops, schools, colleges and churches to facilitate an understanding of the OHV enforcement issues you encounter.

Also, the Dept. of Fish and Game and the US Forest Service make the same request for OHV enforcement funding. A more efficient use of OHV funds is to combine OHV enforcement efforts with these other agencies. It is recommended that your dept., the Dept. of Fish and Game and the US Forest Service get together and submit a joint grant request, for OHV enforcement, that describes how you can use each other's resources to address all of the OHV enforcement issues. [William Lithgow - 3/16/12]