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Napa County Sheriff's Office

The Knoxville Public Lands are on the border of Napa and Lake Counties. Knoxville is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. BLM is unable to provide 24/7 law enforcement services. Historically Lake County Sheriff's Department has inadequate staffing to patrol their portion of Knoxville. Funding from OHV in-leiu fees and OHV grant funding allows the Napa County Sheriff’s Department to be the primary Law Enforcement agency in Knoxville

Comment: While the request notes 24/7 LE services, the funding would be for two, two person patrols at least twice per month. This is a far cry from 24/7. Although I understand the difference between emergency response and patrol, more patrolling is needed from a single entity, Sherriff’s department or BLM. This grant request does not seem to dovetail off the LE request by the Ukiah field office of the BLM which also proposes LE services for the Knoxville area.

I would prefer to see OHV grant funding go to the applicable Sherriff’s Department for Law Enforcement rather than the BLM, but I would also like to see more bang for our buck in patrols for the Knoxville area, both to be proactive and to encourage a positive image for LE personnel to the OHV community. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/29/12]

As a long term property owner on Devil's Head County Road in the Knoxville area of Napa County, I am well aware of the high degree of illegal OHV use on this county road and on both public and private property that existed prior to the introduction of the Napa County Sheriff's Department OHV team in the Knoxville area. OHV's that were not licensed for use on public roads were frequently driven at high speeds on Devil's Head Road in a manner that endangered both the operator and other vehicles. In the past it was not uncommon to see OHV's driven in a reckless manner by underage children with no adult supervision. I have personally witnessed numerous occasions in which OHV's were irresponsibly driven onto public lands and private property in a manner that damaged ground cover and caused significant rutting and winter erosion.

The Napa County Sheriff's Department has become the primary law enforcement presence in the Knoxville area. In addition, the Sheriff's Department also discourages other illegal activity in this remote, rural location, which has no land line telephones and only limited cell phone service. This includes illegal firearms discharge, garbage dumping, trespass and marijuana farming.

For the above reasons, I strongly support the grant application being submitted to the State of California Off Highway Vehicle Commission by the Napa County Sheriff's Department/Sheriff's Office. Maintaining a mobile law enforcement presence in this remote area of Napa County is a critical issue and will significantly aid in the safe and responsible operation of off highway vehicles. It will also make the Knoxville area generally safer for local residents and landowners. [Joseph J. Erasmy - 3/21/12]

I am writing in support of the Napa County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) grant application for funding to patrol the Knoxville Recreation Area.

I am in full support of this application and urge the OHMVR division to approve this grant request.  The patrolling that the NCSO has provided in the past is essential to the general safety of all people recreating in or residing near the Knoxville Recreation Area (KRA).  This area is relatively remote and can attract a rather lawless element of people who look for out-of-the-way locations to do reckless things.  The patrolling conducted by the NCSO has greatly reduced the frequency of dangerous or irresponsible activities in recent years, and the continued presence of officers is needed to discourage the return of the lawless element that endangers individuals who engage in legitimate recreation in the area.

Not only is general patrolling needed and immeasurably valuable, but the ability of the patrol officers to respond to calls from residents of the area adjacent to the KRA is extremely important.  The KRA is remote, and the somewhat-nearer Lake County Sheriff's Office personnel have a record of reluctance to respond to the location, and unwillingness to cross into Napa County, in which much of the KRA lies.  The NCSO officers are familiar with the area and can very efficiently respond to calls for law enforcement, and their rapid response in the past has lead to interception and prevention of illegal activities.

The presence of law enforcement is very necessary in this area.  While I am personally grateful for the effort invested by the NCSO officers, and the efficient response they have had to my calls for assistance, the patrolling of the KRA also provides safety to numerous students and scientists who work and conduct research on the adjacent McLaughlin Reserve property (a University of California, Davis research station).  The safety of the people using the Reserve is dependent on the law enforcement presence and response of the NCSO officers of the OHV team.

I thank you for taking my concerns into consideration, and encourage you to please fund the grant request from the NCSO. [Catherine Koehler - 3/7/12]