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Kern County Sheriff''s Office

I support this grant request.
The Kern Count Sherriff provides valuable and necessary law enforcement as well as search & rescue services which benefit OHV users in Kern County. As a responsible OHV user I understand the need and benefits provided by the Sherriff.  I support this grant request and ask that it be funded to the maximum possible it in accordance to the OHMVR policies. [Bruce Miller - 4/2/12]

I am reviewing the Kern County Sheriff's office grant request.  This grant looks very comprehensive, with funding requested for a variety of vehicles, including a rescue helicopter.  All this equipment would do well to get LE into all kinds of areas for law enforcement as well as search and rescue.  My questions are two fold.  One, how much land does Kern County itself own that is open for off-road vehicle use?  Second, do the agencies with off-roading in Kern County (BLM and NFS) have agreements, partnerships or MOU's with Kern County Sheriff's ORVET?  If the answer to both questions is no, then Kern County ORVET would need to get in line behind the LE grants from agencies that control the areas with off-roading for funding.  Actually, I believe there are many Sheriff's and other agencies in this line, so please put Kern County in front of this line.  I do hope Kern County Sheriffs can get funding and I wish them all the best in their law enforcement duties. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-25-L 01  Law Enforcement 
Inyo County with over  8100 sq miles and OHV opportunities from the west to the east and south to the north has its job cut out to cover all this area.  I applaud the Sheriffs for the job that they do and sincerely hope that the public will assist in having resources used wisely and not have to do unnecessary trips or patrols where problems really do not exist. They can not be every place, but have to focus on dense areas of OHV use. 
In the Project Cost Estimate, it list the areas it does patrol and would like to have Sequoia Forest added to these areas, as they already work there also.

I support this grant. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]

The Kern County Sheriff is doing a wonderful job. The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife supports their grant request for several reasons.  They involve stakeholders in their planning process. They coordinate with other local and federal law enforcement. As pressure on desert lands from increased visitor use rises there is a need for more equipment.  Again, these folks do a great job. [H. Marie Brashear, President - 3/20/12]

Once again ORV WATCH is proud to support KCSO ORVET's application for Law Enforcement grant funds. Eastern Kern County residents have witnessed rising incidents of illegal OHV operations and off-trail riding, particularly in the Tehachapi Mountains area. This year volunteers have once again captured on film what appear to be groups of professional dirt bike racers deliberately degrading the Pacific Crest Trail and trespassing on private property. This is occurring week after week with disturbing regularity.

It is our observation that law enforcement presence clearly staunches illegal riding for the moment. However, we recommend targeted covert operations in impacted areas, so that rogue riders can be interdicted and cited. While education is the first step in promoting responsible riding, the public would like to see more actual enforcement with regard to growing trespass problems on our public and private lands.

We understand there are many more miles of Kern County territory than the Team can possibly cover, so more personnel, updated equipment, and additional grant funds are necessary. Our ORVET needs to be equipped with the ATVs they request, so that personnel can be expeditiously deployed.

Sergeant Scott and his ORVET have worked diligently with stakeholders to rein in off-trail riding and we enthusiastically applaud the Law Enforcement grant request. [ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY - 3/12/12]