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USFS - Pacific Southwest Region

Please see the attached letter of support for the California Archaeological Site Steward Program for the OHMVR Education and Safety Grant. [Michael Newland, M.A., RPA, President-Elect, Society for California Archaeology - 3/13/12]

I have carefully reviewed the USDA Forest Service - Pacific Southwest Region's 2012 Off-Highway Grant Application for its California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program. CASSP's trained volunteers help to ensure that irreplaceable archaeological resources in California are preserved for future generations. Using Off-Highway grant funds to support CASSP is completely justified because the potential damage to archaeological resources by off-highway vehicles is a serious issue; a key element in addressing this issue is careful and continuous monitoring of sensitive archeological sites. CASSP is a volunteer agency with the assets and experience to accomplish this monitoring. I support the Forest Service's application and urge that it be favorably acted upon in this grant cycle by the OHMVR Division. [Jon Picciuolo - 3/12/12]