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Friends of Jawbone

I support this grant request.

The Friends of Jawbone is a valued group offering significant enhancements for the OHV enthusiast in the areas of California route 14 and 395. Informational signage, barriers and ongoing route maintenance are all necessary for operation of Limited Access areas. The FOJ are an key component of the efforts to keep these areas open and viable. I support this grant request.

I support this grant request but with several concerns.

The Friends of Jawbone is a valued group offering significant enhancements for the OHV enthusiast in the areas of California route 14 and 395. As an OHV user I understand and support some level of restoration work. I am concerned by;

I am concerned by total dollar amount of the grant request.

Concerns that “photo monitoring” is used only for determining project effectiveness and not for the purpose of prosecution or public “outing”, that identifying characteristics not be made available to LEO or the public.

I support this grant request with some concerns. [Bruce Miller - 4/2/12]

Friends of Jawbone grants for Operations and Maintenance, Safety and Education and restoration are important to fund for this intensely used OHV area.  Please fund these as fully as possible. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

Regarding the OHV grant application for Friends of Jawbone Ground Operations G11-04-13-G01.

Mr. Tarvin, I’d like to offer my support for the proposed grant and associated projects you’ve detailed. The Friends of Jawbone are indeed a focal point for OHV access in the upper Mojave area, and provide an excellent service to support the off road community. The trail maintenance and route support your organization does every day is vitally important to those who enjoy offroad motorized access. I’d like to request the El Paso sub region receiving increased maintenance of its access roads EP15 and EP100 into Last Chance Canyon. These routes are heavily traveled and are in serious need of some form of grading. My organization helps support the Bickel Camp historical site as you’re aware, and road conditions are degrading, thus limiting our support for the area as well. Thanks for your efforts. [Charlie Hattendorf – pres. Friends of Last Chance Canyon - 3/26/12]

The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife support all of the grant requests of this organization. We are glad to see they are continuing and expanding their pilot Owlshead Project. We believe they should request additional restoration funds as the task for them in this area is great. [Marie Brashear, Pres. - 3/26/12]

The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife has had a chance to review this grant again and the following seems to be something that should be considered.  The request for restoration money should be increased significantly.  This organization is doing a great job with their restoration efforts.  Should there be money for acquisitions then there are several which should happen in the Jawbone area and the Friends of Jawbone should be funded to acquire these lands. [H. Marie Brashear - 3/24/12]

These comments are submitted by me for the  Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife.  First a couple of corrections:

On the general application.   page 2 of 16  item C,  it states 65,000
acres for  Jawbone/Dove Springs.  It should read  Rand's

On Restoration  grant, page 1 of 13   2nd paragraph   it says Polygons
RM 55 and RM 57 and Rm 58 ,44 etc, should read  Polygons R 55, and R 57 and R 58,44 etc, these are all in Rand's.

Page 2 of 13  the same on C   should be  R55 and R 57

Page 4 of 13, same thing  2nd paragraph R 55 and R 57 and R 58 etc.

The applicant seems to be mixing up Rand's  R  for Red Mountain RM. So where ever you see Red Mountain it should read Rand

Great organization doing good works keeping people on the travel ways. [Marie Brashear, Pres. - 3/20/12]

6. Impact to Natural and Cultural Resources - Q 6.
6. The Project will avoid and/or minimize impact to natural and cultural resources by: 5
(Check all that apply) - Scoring: Maximum of 7 points (Please select applicable values)
Maintaining physical barriers to control OHV use (1 point)
Protecting water quality (1 point)
Providing bridges instead of wet crossings where appropriate (1 point)
Protecting special-status species (1 point)
Re-routing trails to divert away from riparian/wetlands areas (1 point)
Providing sanitary facilities (1 point)
Protecting cultural site(s) (1 point)
Site design precludes the need for the above measures (7 points)

I would like to comment that I think that since the grant here is to work on an existing trail system, that it be scored a 7 under the pretense of the last point. The site is designed as it is a trail system from the BLM. They designated the trails under a process that designed layout and considered the environmental impacts. Because of the design and environmental analysis, it precludes the need for the list of measures whether or not all of them are applicable. [Scott Johnston - 3/14/12]

We applaud your continued efforts to educate riders through incorporation and expansion of the OwlsheadGPS product. Accurate route information encourages on-route riding by OHV recreationists. Compliance with legal and designated route systems decreases conflict between riders and private property owners.

FOJ has consistently and effectively utilized educational tools to promote responsible off-roading and we heartily support this Education and Safety grant request. [ORV WATCH KERN COUNTY - 3/12/12]