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Ridgecrest Police Department

Ridgecrest Police Department grant for law enforcement has a basic problem.  In their grant they say   " While Ridgecrest does not offer off-highway roads or trails within city limits".  These grants are designed to help agencies with OHV opportunities control those opportunities.  Since there is no OHV in Ridgecrest, they need to step in back of the line behind agencies that offer OHV, like the BLM and NFS. [Ed Stovin, CORVA - 4/1/12]

G 11-03-46-L 01  Law Enforcement
This is an example how a city should be interacting with the public. My thanks to Sergeant Myers and his staff  for always being at the meetings, making input, working with other agencies and the public, thus we have a good relationship in doing the right thing for the OHV citizens and visiting public.
Their grant is very reasonable, actually would say because they work with BLM they should even get more money to manage OHV opportunity.  This city is right next to a large Designated route system in BLM and an Open area.

This Police department is also working very hard with City staff to see how they can bring OHV into Gas and food services, something California City has done successfully.
I fully support this grant. [Ed Waldheim - 3/31/12]

I was pleased to see the grant request for RPD in the Grants and Cooperative Agreements program for California OHV funds, number G11-03-46-101.  Being a resident of the Indian Wells Valley for the last 25 years, raising 4 children here while attending our public schools, plus living in a rural portion of the county just outside of town, I’ve seen increased OHV use and adverse impact from riders using unimproved roads and cross county routes as personal road tracks for racing circuits. Your proposed increased presence utilizing OHV vehicles of your own will help dissuade wanton disregard for existing rules and regulations for city ordinances and assist in educating the public toward respectful riding. I anticipate the funds will also allow you to work closer with Kern County Sheriffs to help address this problem. Thanks for the opportunity to give my support for your just cause. [Charles Hattendorf, Pres The Friends of Last Chance Canyon - 3/26/12]

The Society for the Protection and Care of Wildlife strongly supports the work of the Ridgecrest Police Department and their OHV grant request. As the visitors to this corner of the desert increase it is obvious that additional equipment will be required.  They do a great job. [H. Marie Brashear, President - 3/20/12]

I would like to submit my comments the regarding Ridgecrest Police Department's (agency 76-0499512) application for the GCA-11 grant. I am a resident of Ridgecrest and oppose their preliminary application. I am not affiliated in way with any of the agencies mentioned in this opposition letter. The Ridgecrest Police Department current owns the equipment necessary to enforce OHV regulations and OHV city ordinances within the city limits. There are absolutely no roads within the city limits they can not access with their current inventory of vehicles. All roads paved or dirt are accessible with their current two wheel drive vehicles. I understand they may assist other local agencies in the surrounding area. However they are unable to enforce OHV within their city limits with the equipment and personnel they currently have let alone outside the city limits. Providing the Ridgecrest Police Department with grant money for the resources listed in their application would be a waste of taxpayer monies. This grant money would be better allocated to the BLM Ridgecrest office, the Kern County Sheriff, or the San Bernardino County Sheriff. The vast majority of the areas OHV riders use in this area fall under the primary jurisdiction of these three agencies, not the city of Ridgecrest. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further explanation. Thank you for the opportunity to comment of this application. It would be a shame if the City of Ridgecrest received this grant money over another local agency with a much greater need that actually patrols the local areas mentioned in their application. [Jeff J - 3/8/12]