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Requests are for personnel, both general operations and law enforcement. No sourcing of matching funds is noted so it must be assumed that the portion of the compensation not covered by OHV grants is covered by the county, and listed as matching funds. Where do user fees go at this facility?

The majority of the OHV recreationists that use Metcalf Motorcycle Park are from the local area and are therefore county taxpayers. To anticipate that OHV state wide trust fund grant dollars should be allocated to a county park for county employee compensation is presumptive.

This facility is family friendly and warrants support, just not from the now limited resources of the OHV trust fund.

Thank you for your consideration. [Diana Mead, CORVA, Asst to N. Director, Grants - 3/24/12]

I am a Santa Clara County resident and I frequent the Metcalf Motorcycle Park 2-3 times per week, throughout the entire year. I bought the annual Venture pass to all SCC parks, but in truth Metcalf is the only one I frequent. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the park and the friends I've made while riding there. It is a blessing to have the park so close to home in our county, as gas prices make it increasingly harder to travel far away. The Rangers are to be commended for their excellent track and trail maintenance, communication with guests and environmentally conscious approach to both the wildlife at the park and soil/habitat conservation by fighting erosion. Please keep Metcalf Motorcycle Park at the top of your list when considering grant allocation this year and for future years to come. This park provides a special and interactive experience that brings families and friends closer together and strengthens relationships and community awareness through our contact with our friendly Metcalf Rangers. This park truly means so much to so many and should be not only preserved, but hopefully given the funding to truly thrive. [Steve Albright, Paramedic - 3/19/12]

Metcalf Motorcycle Park is a wonderful area to ride in San Jose. I am there a few weekends a month, and the park is usually very full. I would like to ensure that they recieve the funding needed to keep this park available to the motorcyclists in the area, properly groomed, and adequately staffed. With all of the OHV park closures we have seen recently, it would really be a shame to add Metcalf to that list. Please take the public into account when making the decision to fund the park, it is a great asset to the motorcycling community, I have tought dozens of friends how to ride there. [Patrick Holmes - 3/19/12]

I have had the privilege of riding at Metcalf motorcycle park since I first moved to California in 1999.  I came from Arizona where OHV recreation had been my life for many years.  The need for the independent ability to enjoy nature has been in my blood since I was born.  Both of my parents were avid motocrossers in the 1970's and 80's, I myself began racing in 1998.  I am raising my own child here in San Jose and I hope to spend many years to come out on the trails enjoying the ability to explore and adventure throughout the hills.  This is crucial for our society right now, more than ever do we need a real form of escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of the valley.  That is why I am writing you, in hopes of getting further funding and resources for the development of Metcalf and the surrounding area. 

My family and I enjoy Metcalf almost every week, there are no other riding areas in Santa Clara County and the drive to the next available area is getting more and more costly (Hollister). Besides the physical activity that keeps me healthy, my family and I have learned SO much about the area.  We have learned erosion prevention techniques to use at our own property, sensitive trail building techniques that can be used around the country, and valuable information about our local wildlife.  There is so much to learn from both the Rangers and environment, it would be terrible if Metcalf was not able to continue due to funds. The rangers at Metcalf are an amazing group of people that we desperately need to continue the conservation and development of the OHV system here in SCC.

Please do whatever it takes to make sure Metcalf is properly funded this year. [Steven Oser - 3/19/12]

When I came to interview for a job in the Bay Area back in 1996 I saw the brown sign with the motorcycle symbol on it off Bernal road as I drove to the interview.  Afterwards I followed the signs up to Metcalf park and just thought that was the most wonderful thing.  On the East Coast where I lived there wasn't anything like an official riding park and here was a park within easy driving distance from where people work/live.  I took that job an have been in the Bay Area since.

Metcalf is a fantastic park that is enjoyed by many enthusiast.  It is also great to have a place so close, otherwise people need to spend more time/fuel/money driving to areas further away.

I sincerely hope that funding levels stay strong for this park as many people would be lost without it.  The rangers there are very friendly and do a great job taking care of the park and keeping riders informed of rules and trail closures.  They are also out with the people during the day and it is great to have them around to interact with. [David Wray - 3/18/12]

I'm a regular rider at the Metcalf motorcycle park and wanted to address Metcalf's application for an OHV Grant.

Metcalf Motorcycle Park serves a large part of the Santa Clara County Off Highway motorcycle riders. The park has a lot to offer to all different levels or riders out there, from wonderful trails, beginner to advanced, a motocross track that is always kept in great shape, areas for younger riders to practice and learn new skills, and a newly put in enduro course that is challenging for those veteran riders!

And all of this is only possible through the dedication of the staff at the park. They've taken care to maintain the trails and tracks as well as provide needed erosion control and trail maintenance.

I personally love how close the park is to my house in Santa Clara.  Every time I get a new dirtbike, it's great to be able to go out and test suspension or make adjustments while not having to drive 2 hours to a dirtbike park.  And if you need parts, or food, everything is close by and you can spend most of your time focussing on riding and not where the next gas station will be.

This is an amazing park that is great for locals and out of towner's too!   I bring my 4-year old nephew here since it is close and he doesn't have to ride in the car for 2 hours to get there.  It's only 15 minutes from his house.   We always stop at the local restaurants on our way home too, so I can imagine that the park also brings business to the local stores and restaurants nearby.

Combined, these efforts keep a relatively small OHV park in great condition to serve the growing community of OHV operators and supporting the local economy.

Thanks for your consideration! [Summer Fisher - 3/17/12]

I have been riding Metcalf for over 10 years and enjoy have such a wonderful OHV resource nearby.  5 years ago, I taught my son Max (12) how to ride there and continued his education with the Junior Ranger program offered at Metcalf.  

Metcalf is wonderful because there are sections for novices, experienced riders and all levels between.  I live in Santa Cruz and it is about the same drive for us to use Metcalf or Hollister Hills, but we end up at Metcalf at least once a month.  The smaller size of Metcalf and the friendly nature of the park staff makes for great outings with my son.  With the constant threat of land closure of public lands to recreational OHV use, it is important to maintain the few riding areas we have left.

Please do whatever it takes to ensure Metcalf can continue to be the OHV gem it is now. [Tayward Wong - 3/17/12]

I would like to address Metcalf's application for an OHV Grant.

I've been a rider at Metcalf Motorcycle Park since 2004.  My husband and I have enjoyed its trails on 5 different motorcycles now and look forward to many more.

I am currently eight months pregnant and eagerly look forward to the day when our daughter takes her first ride at Metcalf.  It may still be a few years away, but we're already excited about showing her the love of dirt biking and motorcycling.

I sincerely hope that funding for Metcalf is extended and that the grants are provided so that we, and so many other families in the Bay Area, can continue to enjoy off-road riding so close to home.

Thank you. [Carolyn Bierman - 3/17/12]

I have been riding Metcalf for over 20 years and have enjoyed it immensely. I plan to ride there with my two boys once they are old enough (now 6 and 8).

Metcalf is great because it has a little bit of everything: trail riding, motocross, trials riding, fire roads, single track, etc. It is very convenient because it is so close by. With the constant threat of land closure of public lands to mechanized recreational use, it is important to maintain the few riding areas we have left. Trail maintenance and erosion control are important to keeping the trails safe.

The rangers at Metcalf are top notch and go out of there way to make sure a rider's experience there is a pleasant one.

Please do whatever it takes to make sure Metcalf is properly funded this year. [Ladd Johnson - 3/7/12]

Metcalf Motorcycle Park provides valuable recreation and educational opportunities to residents of Santa Clara County and from far beyond Santa Clara County. I have been riding at Metcalf for over a decade. I've enjoyed countless days of solo riding, riding with one or more of my children and taking the entire family out riding for a family adventure.

My youngest two have taken part in some of the educational activities presented there including nature hikes. We have enjoyed the wildlife and the riding there and it is an amazing opportunity for my family, very close to home.

The Rangers have always been helpful and ready to educate on a wide variety of topics. My children have listened wide eyed about stories of wild life and the Ranger's adventures around the park. The kids respect the Rangers and look up to them, even when the Rangers have to step in and slow them down or something when they get too excited.

Some of my children and I have also volunteered at Metcalf to help repair/maintain riding trails and help control some erosion issues. Working with the Rangers has always paid back benefits: getting to know the Rangers, getting a closer relationship and understanding of the park operations.

Makes us appreciate the park all the more!

My only critique of the park is that I wish it was larger. Sometimes it gets pretty busy and the trails can get a bit crowded. More area would also provide different types of riding experiences.

Please continue to fund and support Metcalf. It is a crown jewel of Santa Clara County Parks. [George Leavell - 3/7/12]

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how valuable Metcalf Park is to Santa Clara County residents. This is the only park within a 50 mile radius that is easily accessible and it provides a wealth of resources that myself and my two young daughters enjoy thoroughly. I've spent a large number of hours riding the excellent trails within the park and my kids have enjoyed the kiddie area as well as some of the animals on display within the ranger station. Please help ensure that this park continues to not only operate, but expand its area of operation so that myself and future generations can enjoy the trails and surrounding area. [Mike Smith - 3/6/12]

Metcalf Motorcycle Park deserves to continue to be funded as a wonderful treasure in an urban area. It allows families to ride in a location close to home without having to travel too far. My husband and I frequently go to Metcalf after work as it's location is close enough to allow riding within a shorter time frame.

The staff at Metcalf is wonderful! They care very much about their park and it shows.

Please continue funding for this urban gem of a park! [Marles Talli - 3/6/12]

I'm writing today as a regular rider at Metcalf Motorcycle Park and to address Metcalf's application for an OHV Grant.

Metcalf Motorcycle Park serves a large part of the Santa Clara County Off Highway motorcycle riders. The park provides a variety of well maintained trails, motocross track, areas for younger riders to practice new skills. All of this is made possible through the dedication of the staff at the park. They've taken care to maintain the tracks as well as provide needed erosion control and trail maintenance.

In addition to the direct benefit the park provides to riders, the park indirectly supports a number of motorcycle related businesses in the area. It's hard for me to estimate the impact on these businesses if funding were cut.

Combined, these efforts keep a relatively small OHV park in great condition to serve the growing community of OHV operators and supporting the local economy. [Ian Clements - 3/6/12]

I have been riding Dirtbikes at Metcalf with my Father,Wife, Son, and 2 Daughters for Years. Recently My Granddaughter has started riding as well. 4 Generations all enjoying this local "Gem" of a Park. I spend Countless hours at Metcalf as a Volunteer, working on Trails, helping other riders navigate the trail system, Providing assistance to Riders, and doing some of the menial tasks that our Phenominal Ranger Staff does not have time to do. Metcalf is a Treasure in our County and deserves funding to continue to remain the asset to Our Community it has become. The Park Staff is very focused on educating riders about staying on Marked trails and Responsable land management to keep "OUR PARK" well maintained and safe for the park visitors AND the Plants,Habitats and Animals, which reside in our park.In closing, please understand this park is adjacent to an Urban area of Santa Clara County and provides an alternative to driving an additional 50 miles to the next available OHV area for recreation, which means less drive time, wear and tear on roads and less pollution in our air. [Barry Newman - 3/6/12]

Metcalf Motorcycle Park is a treasure in San Jose that provides such a valuable service to the county residents. The grants provided by the OHMVR are an extremely important part of the the operations for Metcalf Motorcycle Park and I hope that the grants are provided this year to ensure the proper operation of this park. [Andy Bajka - 3/6/12]