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Ocotillo Wells SVRA Events

Roughneck Rendezvous V - January 25, 2014

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An adventure awaits you at Ocotillo Wells SVRA on January 25, 2014! The Fifth Annual Roughneck Rendezvous Off-Highway Geocaching Adventure is a great way to hone your treasure-hunting skills while also learning about your desert’s secrets. “What is geocaching,” you ask? Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt using a hand-held GPS or a smart phone to find hidden caches at coordinates hosted at As in years past, we have hidden over 100 geocaches within the park! Join us on the morning of January 25th to download the coordinates. Then spend all day exploring the desert in search of hidden treasures and filling out your logbook. Return to the event area by 5pm for your raffle tickets based on the number of caches you have found!  Don’t forget to bring your tickets to the raffle that evening.  Come back on Sunday morning for our Cache In Trash Out event where you can go out and find more caches while cleaning the desert.  Then joins us for some delicious grub! So, get ready for adventure at the 5th Annual Roughneck Rendezvous Off-Highway Geocaching Adventure!

Geology Daze! - February 14-17, 2014

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Look out over the landscape of Ocotillo Wells. Do you see the rocks that tell the story of ancient seas where rivers flowed and huge beasts once roamed? Do you see grasslands where horses and camels roamed and saber tooth cats waited in ambush? Join the Ocotillo Wells interpretation staff on February 15th, 16th and 17th to learn what geologic forces made this all happen. See exhibits of the "gnarly beasts" of the past and learn to identify OW rocks and minerals. There will be plenty of things for the kids to do too. Cut into geodes at the Discovery Center to see what is inside. Uncover the secrets of the Salton Sea at Gas Domes. Best of all join the interpreters for a 4x4 adventure tour into the geologic past on February 14th

There is plenty of excitement and adventure for everyone, so join us February 14-17, 2014.