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Yucca Valley Police Department

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this application. I own a little over two acreas in Wonder Valley, at the intersection of Mica and Valle Vista. I hope to build a small, low-impact home on the property to live in when I retire in about ten years. In the meantime, I visit the property several times a year, and sometimes use it for car camping. I plan to build on the property without grading, and the indiginous flora and wildlife are very important to me.

Each time I visit, I walk the grounds, and, without exception, always find new ORV tracks -- some doing substantial damage to the flora on the property -- as well as substantial amounts of trash, usually including new (not weathered) alcohol bottles, fast food wrappers, etc. I don't know who presumed to designate my bit of private property as a party headquarters, but I sincerely hope that the rights of tax-paying property owners are respected, and enforced, more stringently in the future than they are now. I wrote to the County asking about placing nail strips (with appropriate warning signs), and was told in strict terms that such an action was not recommended. But, what other choice do homeowners have? I've resigned myself to having to put up a fence when I do build on the property, even through the thought of adding another blocking item to the beautiful Wonder Valley vistas is heartbreaking. Why are a tiny minority of grotesquely irresponsible people allowed to ruin the beauty, environmental diversity, and quiet enjoyment of law-abiding residents (or will-be residents)?

Please do whatever you can to keep the desert quiet and peaceful, and free from the intrusions of mechanical noise, air pollution, and damage to both private lands and the surrounding public lands. In addition to the horrible noise and air pollution, ORVs permanently ruin terrain with a terrifying efficiency usually found only in some breeds of goats. Please, please keep them confined to those routes and areas they've already environmentally destroyed and out of sight and earshot from people who want nothing to do with their obsessions noise and destruction. So many of us came to the desert for the peace and beauty. please don't let them ruin our daily lives and destroy what little pristine desert there is left. [Kell Brigan - 3/11/11]

I would like to endorse continuation of the Yucca Valley grant for control of off-highway vehicles on the land.

I have lived on the border of Section 11, a town-owned section of native Mojave Desert for 15 years.  I have seen whole populations of wild animals driven off this land by OHV activity, and not return.   Vegetation and soils have been severely impacted.

OHV incursions became so destructive that in February, 2010 the Yucca Valley Town Council authorized installment of signs banning OHV access on Section 11. 

The effect of the signs has been to reduce OHV traffic but not to eliminate it. 
OHV traffic is increasing again.   

Police patrols are essential to control of OHV trespass, not only on Section 11 but throughout the Morongo Valley for which Yucca Valley policemen are responsible.  The mere presence of police for this purpose is effective, 

Please help continue this vital work with increased funding for the Yucca Valley police. [Russell M. Drake - 3/19/11]

I'm writing in order to voice my support for the Yucca Valley OHV Law Enforcement Grant. Local law enforcement officials are the only ones who can help to mitigate the destruction caused to our sensitive desert environment by off-road vehicles.  The consequences of anything short of full implementation of this grant will be severe and long-lasting.

Thank you. [Cody Dolnick - 3-16-11]