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Yolo County Sheriff's Department

On behalf of the Cache Creek Conservancy, I urge you to consider the grant request of the Yolo County Sheriff's Department for grant funding for enforcement.  The Conservancy has worked very closely with the Sheriff's Dept. this past year as they have developed their OHV team.  The team has visited us at the Nature Preserve that we manage, providing information at events for landowners in the area.  We helped present a workshop in October with the Sheriff's Dept. in which landowner concerns could be addressed.  The OHV team has actively responded to situations along the creek.  We are very pleased with the work that has started and hope that it can be continued and expanded.
The Cache Creek Conservancy is seeking restoration funds under your grant program, but we still need to have adequate law enforcement in the area.  We will work collaboratively with the Sheriff's Department to address the problem areas with a concerted effort towards deterrence, restoration, public education, and enforcement.  [Lynnel Pollock - 4/4/11]

The following is my comment for your request for project funding from the CA OHV Grant program.
Yolo County Sheriff’s Department received OHV Grant funding from the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 program years. The areas that the sheriff’s department described in those requests are the ones they would focus on are the same areas listed in their current funding request. It would appear that previous OHV Grant funding has not been effective in solving the illegal OHV activities. Why should additional funding be given to a failing program? That would not be efficient use of the OHV Trust Fund money.
Thank you for considering my comment. [Bruce Brazil - 4/3/11]