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USFS - Tahoe National Forest

G10-02-20-G01: I would like to express my support for the Ground Operation grant applications submitted by the Tahoe National Forest. The Tahoe has a broad base of support among OHV enthusiasts, and I especially appreciate the support of the Fordyce Jeep Trail, a 4WD trail of national renown. The funds requested are specifically geared towards maintaining and enhancing designated OHV experiences within the forest, and are necessary to keeping OHV opportunities viable in the forest. Staffing costs are by far the largest portion of this request, and I do have a couple of concerns about some of the staffing requests. Since there is no rerouting of trails, I'm not sure why the Wildlife biologist and Archeologists, etc., would be needed for this project. I would just like that concern addressed further.
G10-02-20-R01: I highly support this Restoration Grant request.

G10-02-20-S01: I highly support the Education and Safety Grant request. The viability of legal OHV routes is dependent on maps and signage,without this the OHV public is not aware of the boundaries for legal activity. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

This grant request seems to want to fund all the positions in the Forest. Over 307K dollars is being requested for salaries alone.

I would like to see where the 130K match fund is coming from for road maintenance.

I do not see specific projects and asking for 602K dollars with over half just to support current personal seems like the money will not be benefiting OHV they way it should.

Grant like this are impossible to evaluate since they are all encompassing. We need one project, one grant. I do not support this grant request. [Rick Ferdon - 4/1/11]

The Gold Country Trails Council supports a grant request submitted through the California OHV Division (Greensticker Program) by Joe Chavez, Public Service Officer of the Yuba River Ranger District.  This request would fund a free pocket map of the Burlington Motorized Trail System which would include portions of both motorized and non-motorized trails in the Trail System.

The Gold Country Trails Council was formed in the early 1980's by a group of Nevada County citizens to fill the need for non-motorized trails in Nevada County and the surrounding region.  Our goals are to provide an area-wide basis for collaboration and liaison for all who are involved in the planning, funding, acquisition, development, maintenance and use of trails to further the protection of the scenic and recreational resources of the Sierra Foothills area for public use and enjoyment.  We build and maintain trails and provide information and trail education to the public on location, usage, safety, and development of all trails.

We also highly value cooperation and collaboration with other trail users groups, especially the Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC) and Nevada County Woods Riders (NCWR).  In cooperation with BONC we plan to help advise the Forest Service on non-motorized-related concerns for the trails in the Burlington Trail System.

Therefore we support awarding the grant request submitted by Joe Chavez for a free pocket map of the Burlington Motorized Trail System. [Teri Personeni, President, Gold Country Trails Council - 3/29/11]

I am supportive of using OHV money to provide trail maps of the Burlington area. I often use and help maintain the Burlington area and find myself sometimes confused as to which trails are motorized and which ones are not. Having marked trails and a guide map will help users know where they are and which trails they are on. This is a matter of safefty as well when a dirtbike is on a non-motorized trail and comes in contact with a hiker or horseback rider. This will also allow a horseback rider avoid dirtbike trails that could spook there horse and buck them off. I feel this will also keep riders off the roads when they have a map to guide them through the loops instead of getting turned around and then just using the road to get back to the staging area. I help my comments help in your decision making process. [Rod Glazebrook - 3/16/11]