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USFS - Stanislaus National Forest

G10-02-19-R05: On behalf of the California Off-Road Vehicle Association I oppose the above numbered Restoration Grant Application submitted by the Stanislaus National Forest. This application concerns 61 small segments of routes that can only be attributed to dispersed camping spots. But instead of stating such in the application, it talks of 61 route segments totaling only 14 miles in length. How can that be? These must be very small segments of routes, most probably dispersed camping spots.

Unfortunately, the Stanislaus National Forest issued a Motorized Travel Management decision unpopular with the public at large, and also did not designate dispersed camping spots consistent with public need as part of the decision. In fact, the public at large was assured that these areas would be looked at in an additional process, something that has never occurred. It would be disingenuous for the OHV community to pay for the restoration of areas that they were promised would receive a second look through the OHV Trust Fund. Another matter that should be considered by the Stanislaus National Forest is that these dispersed camping segments are indeed needed by the public, otherwise they wouldn't be used! The very fact that they are in use raises significant questions. I cannot support the above requested grant.

G10-02-19-D01/2: These are both Development grant requests deserve funding, and are appropriate use of OHV Trust Funds. These grants will help support designated OHV systems and trails.

G10-02-19-G01: It is well-known that Forest Service budget levels have increased in recent years, and the requests in this grant include numerous equipment purchases totaling over $100,000. I would question whether all this equipment is necessary at one time. staffing levels seem appropriate except for the staffing of a District Public Service Program Area Leader. There is also a Forest Public Service Program Area Leader, I'm not sure why both would be needed for the projects described.

G10-02-19-R01/2/3/4: These restorations grants can be supported. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

The Merced Dirt Riders comments are attached supporting several of the grant requests. We also are opposing one request. Thank You for your efforts. [Michael Damaso, President - 4/3/11]

The Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center (CSERC), a regional conservation organization, has worked closely with the Forest Service on OHV issues for over 20 years. We are strongly supportive of the following projects that will serve to protect and restore water quality and sensitive natural resources (including on lands within the Clavey Watershed, managed as a Wild and Scenic River) that have and could continue to be impacted by OHV use if not remedied.

Restoration projects:   Twomile, Stanislaus, Mi-Wok, Jones Meadow, Liberty Hill

Development project:  Twomile

Please feel free to contact me or John Buckley, executive director, if you have any questions. [Rebecca Cremeen - 3/29/11]