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USFS - Sierra National Forest

I am writing in support of the Sierra National Forest Grant requests;
G10-02-17-G01,  G10-02-17-P03, G10-02-17-P04, G10-02-17-P05, G10-02-17-R01 and G10-02-17-S01
The Sierra National Forest is a premiere OHV destination and the forest is committed to multiple use recreation for all users.  Please fund these grant requests. [Steve Egbert - 4/4/11]

G10-02-17-G01  $999.778     Ground Operations - Forestwide
After spending an hour on the phone with several employees from the Sierra NF I have a much better understanding of what this grant is all about.  This Forest received an inventory of approximately 500+ non-system routes of which 280 received comments.  From those 280 routes 184 miles were determined to be sustainable routes for inclusion in the system.  At this time 133 miles have been added to be placed on the MVUM and the remainder of the routes are now being analyzed and repaired for inclusion.  While I do not have a map in front of me to analyze the justification for these routes to see if they provide loops and quality riding areas I am impressed with the number they have added.  I am also happy to see that this Forest included 1,200 short segments of roads that provide dispersed camping and parking to accommodate historical use.  The majority of this grant request is to mitigate the concerns on the remaining identified routes that will be added to the system and to satisfy mandate requirements in mitigation. 
Under item #3 Direct Expenses there is an amount of $32,000 for contracts.  What is this expense for?  What is equipment use expenses of $2,000 for.  These expenses need to be spelled out.
It is my suggestion to this Forest that when writing their grant request they provide more information on how these funds relate to green sticker use.  With accountability, reduction of funding, competition and need, the more they can show how it relates to GS use the more it will satisfy the public.  Expenses should also be prorated according to how much green sticker use there is in the areas of the forest where projects are taking place.
With adjustment for green sticker use ROC supports this grant.
G10-02-17-P01   $50.573       Planning - Kamook Cultural Resources   
ROC supports this grant application for the benefit of the public.  Dispersed parking and camping are valued by the public and creating a dedicated areas on the Forest is appreciated by the public.  We support this portion of the grant application.
G10-02-17-P03   $50,617       Planning -007 Trail
My concern with this grant application is the wording, "The project will fund resource specialists to provide information to the District Ranger in order to make a decision whether ro establish "007" as a motorized trail or not."  The resource evaluation should have been completed prior to the ROD.  A determination of resource damage should have been done in the original evaluation and this grant should be for mitigation to add it to the system.  To spend GS money to MAYBE add a  trail does not make good use of GS funds.  Under item #1 - other - NEPA specialist - Does it take 7 days to figure out NEPA for a $50,000 project?   On item #4 - other vehcile support.  This needs to be defined.  #5 -  Who is being trained to use the GPS units?  
G10-12-17-P04    $44,047      Planning - BL Watershed
This plan has a lot of concerns.  It states this is an OHV friendly route, however, OHV's are more than green sticker vehicles.  This project should be prorated for the portion of green sticker use compared to total use.  Green sticker funds should not be used to pay for other vehicle use.  This is not a road maintenance fund but to provide for green sticker vehicle expenses on the roads.  We would like to see this grant request prorated for the amount of green sticker use is on the road.
G10-12-17-P05    $10,333      OSV Planning
ROC supports this portion of the grant as it would assure OSV opportunities in the future.  We would love to see a trail system developed in this area as there is a lot of use.  We appreciate the Forests initiative to work to provide these opportunities.
G10-02-17-R01    $27,887                Restoration - Dinky
ROC does not support this portion of the grant.  We feel this should have been handled under routine forest management and not paid for out of green sticker funds.  There is no evidence green sticker vehicles are the cause of the problems here and this fund should not have to pay for other uses.
G10-02-17-R01    $52,910     Restoration - Jose Basin/Blue Canyon
ROC does not support this grant.  This should have been managed better and not allowed to deteriorate to this condition.  Also nothing states damage was done by green sticker vehicles and this fund should not be used to pay for other uses.
Gl1-12-17-S01     $97,765      Education & Safety - Forestwide
[Sylvia Milligan, Chair, Recreation Outdoors Coalition - 4/3/11]