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USFS - Pacific Southwest Region

G10-02-12-P03: Fees for event on national forest lands are unrealistic at present. This grant request seems to be for 100K to begin planning, yet does not appear to get any environmental analysis done. That is hoped to be funded by future grant requests.100K for Forest Service salaries and only planning is done seems unfair.

G10-02-12-P02: Unrealistic dollars wanted for a study on Red foxes. Over 136K wanted for salaries for 4 people. $27,000 to rent snowmobiles? $30,000 for airplane service? Over 290K dollars to study foxes. This project has waste written all over it. It is not a good way to spend OHV dollars with little or no benefit to the OHV public.

G10-02-12-S02: This grant request should not be submitted by the Forest Service. This should have been submitted by the organization that most benefits from it, CASSP, California Archaeological Site Stewardship. Claiming 270K dollars match with volunteer hours is way out of line for this project. This project seems to be only to put on workshops for volunteers, there is no specific on the ground work listed that volunteers will be doing..this is a training class I feel. [Rick Ferdon - 4/1/11]

G10-02-12-P01:The is a critical grant to the OHV community, I highly support the granting of this request. Wet weather management has been one of the most contentious issues to the OHV community at large, and through the granting of the application, additional ways of handling wet weather can be analyzed. The work is being assisted by Roger Poff, of R.J. Poff and Associates, who has an impressive resume of work within the OHV community.

This is probably one of the most important grant requests this year, and I am asking the Grant Division to award this grant. The amount requested is in inverse proportion to how the results of this work may help the OHV community keep trails open during wet weather

G10-02-12-P03: I support the granting of this request, and hope that the results of this study will alleviate the problems facing Enduro races in California.

G10-02-12-S02: As a graduate of the CASSP Program, I highly endorse the program, and support this grant request. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

I am a dedicated site steward at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. If it hadn't been for the site steward program funded by OHMVR my life would have been so different. The program has opened an entire new world for me which has not only led me to site stewardship but volunteering for PIT projects. I couldn't encourage you more to continue funding for the program . [Jane O'Donnell - 3/31/11]

Attached please a letter in support
of  US Forest Service grant application to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division of California State Parks to support CASSP activities in 2012.  [Judy Palmer - 3/27/11]