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USFS - Lassen National Forest

ROC supports this grounds and maintenance grant for the High Lakes OHV Area  to provide support for the Parnership with the Friends of the High Lakes.  Friends provides volunteer train patrols to educate visitors and maintain OHV recreation use sites, including trails and campsites.  This grant would also provide maerials and supplies for volunteer projects.  Several items we do not support is the retrofit of the dual sport motorcycles because the Forest made a mistake when ordering, the rehabilitation of campsites in newly closed areas,and blocking off any trails in the aea.  We feel this could be covered in the volunteer agreement with FOHL.  This grant could be adjusted somewhat to reflect the items we do not wish funded.  Otherwise we support this grant.
G10-02-08-P01  $107.450  LNF - Mitigation Travel Management Plan Routes  Contacts same as above.
ROC worked with the LNF in determining which routes would be selected for inclusion in the ROD.  While a great number of routes were included we were hampered by the ML 3 situation and the purported resource concerns on a number of desired routes.  These routes were placed on several lists labeled tiers.  The LNF stated that when the ROD was completed they would continue to work on these desirable routes.  This grant is for the funds to do just as they said they would do.  If the Forest would allow the public to be part of this project and be allowed to be part of the decision on each route this would be great.  If we come out with nothing it is a waste of money.  In good faith we support this grant request.
G10-02-08-R01  $22,000     LNF - Smokey Watershed Restoration  Contacts same as above.
ROC does not support this grant on the grounds that we do NOT support any grant that restricts access without public involvement to determine if the area can be repaired and kept open.  I am not aware of any public involvement in this decision.  With public involvement there is a possibility much of this work could be done by volunteers. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/25/11]