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USFS - Klamath/Modoc NF Patrol District

I am writing to lend support to Jim Lipke, who is familiar with the Klamath/Modoc National Forest.  My husband and I have gone to the area, fishing, and gold panning, and have deemed most of the area as not conducive to quad riding.

The limited riding area, and the reasons for the grant by the forest service tells me it is not for law enforcement, but groping for any kind of funds they can obtain from any source.

Being as our funding is being raided by other sources that are not OFV  related, that we cannot control, I find it deplorable that my fees go to an agency that is not going to improve any riding area, or create new riding which would take me to that area for something beside fishing....

I do not support granting these funds to Klamath/Modoc National Forest for this grant. [Pat Henderson - 4/1/11]

As president of the Siskiyou County Off Road Riders I have been asked to submit our non-support of this Grant request by the Law Enforcement Group on the Klamath/Modoc National Forests.  We are supportive of the enforcement of the rules and regulations that are needed to maintain a responsible ridership on our public lands.  However, for the following reasons we do not support this grant request.
Our opinion is that with the State of California taking our Trust Funds and using them for other state debts, any funds granted should be used to develop, maintain and enhance OHV opportunities and not areas or routes that have been taken away from the public under the TMP.
This request suggest that the forest service has minimal off road patrols due to the lack of equipment (no snow machines).  They have had snow machines for patrols at Deer mtn snow park in the past, what happened to them?
They claim that "several play areas" are being developed on the KNF.  Well, not several, two, one is 4 acres, and the other is 48 acres with a fence around it.  How much patrol does this take.  They claim that They claim that they need to patrol 3.7 million acres +.  This is their job as NF employees, this isn't due to OHV use.  OHVers, took a 89% reduction in available roads and trails in the TMP. The only trails that are available for OHV use are in the Humbug area, there are no other trails on the entire Klamath.  So, in reality, there is only one small drainage that has any trails to patrol.
As far as the equipment requested, this is everyday equipment for the law enforcement officers.  Dash cams, trail cameras, and digital cameras, sounds like somebody is going after dope growers.
As an off road club, we support a managed OHV program on a designated system of roads and trails.  We support the concept of public education, public information (signage) and responsible ridership. [Jim Lipke - 3/29/11]