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Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department

G10-03-38-L01: On behalf of CORVA I would like to support both grant requests submitted by the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department has consistently taken the time to educate OHV enthusiasts in the course of their enforcement activities, and have adopted a common sense approach to enforcement issues encountered in the OHV parks in the county. The grant requesting more materials in order to increase education among visitors, especially younger and less experienced riders, is a terrific idea worthy of funding.

I also particularly endorse the request by the Sheriff's Department to send two officers to the ATV Safety Institute for training to then be able to offer those safety classes to enthusiasts. This is an example of forward thinking, and worthy of support for the entire OHV community. Likewise the proposal to patrol the OHV parks on a regular basis is sorely needed.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department completely supports OHV activity within the county, and donates a lot of time and effort personally to achieve positive results. Please fund both these grant requests, it is a very appropriate use of OHV Trust Funds. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

In the ongoing challenge to retain our OHV recreation opportunities, law enforcement agencies can have a huge impact. This grant application states, “...opportunities will be reduced or closed without education of the OHV community about safety and environmental responsibility.” We NEED education and implementation of the education. If each contact between law enforcement and the OHV community results in this education, implementation could result.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department will use the requested grant money to purchase safety training and delivery materials.

One of the requests is for a sound measurement meters. I was under the impression that this department already had this sort of meter. There are acceptable noise levels beyond which an off road vehicle cannot operate outside of sanctioned racing events. If the department does not already possess this meter, one should be approved, even one for OHV park.

Safety literature from Tread Lightly, and other brochures would be useful for deputies to distribute.

Maps of the parks however, should be under the responsibility of Parks and Recreation and should be available at all times at each park. Deputies are not on site at all times. Maps should ALWAYS be available.

A request is listed for a laptop computer for educational purposes as well as looking up information. I agree that a laptop could be a useful tool but also feel the laptop recommended for communication purposes in the law enforcement grant request, could serve this purpose as well. There is simply not enough staff to be presenting a powerpoint presentation at a school and have deputies deployed at Frank Raines and La Grange at the same time. The DVD monitor would be useful although a LCD display screen to be used with the laptop (which also has a DVD right?) would be less cumbersome and offer a larger display for about the same money.

I take no issue with the request for a generator although what trailer it is used to power is not outlined in the grant request.

The law enforcement grant request contained funding for Train the Trainer classes. It would have been nice to see classes planned under this request, for trainers at both OHV parks. If we are serious about education, we need more educators. Also, ATV and motorcycle safety training should be offered by those trained to deliver it, especially when they are trained with grant funding.

The law enforcement team that we see at Frank Raines are good role models and do a great job giving us positive reinforcement. We would like to see more of them and want their presence in the park, along the fence lines, patrolling and educating. Their greatest opportunity to educate isn’t found in a brochure!

Thank you for your consideration. [Diana Mead - 4/4/11]

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department, Application: Law Enforcement
The request is largely for the acquisition of communication devices. First, two additional vehicle repeaters are listed.  The department already has two vehicles upfitted with repeaters and a portable unit that were purchased with past grant monies. Although it is clearly understood that consistent communication between Frank Raines and dispatch is not possible without these repeaters, I question the need for additional units. There are at most, three deputies out at Frank Raines, even on busy weekends.  Two are the norm and this is not every weekend.
Next, requests are outlined for both Satellite phones and Lap Top computers (two each). The expense is high and there appears to be some redundancy in the function of these units. Park personnel do have access to a telephone and it may make better sense for the Sheriff’s department to have unlimited access to this line should park staff not be on site. This partnering of our OHV resources makes fiscal and operations sense.
If only one communication device (phone vs. laptop) is awarded, the laptop as outlined in the grant request with its inherent communication and VIN/DL lookup capability would be the better choice. A laptop can also be upgraded and used for other purposes, extending its useful life. One for each park seems sensible.
Matching funds were designated from the use, seven months of the year, of the six separate park access vehicles and the five separate on site patrol vehicles. Remember, two deputies, six days per month (maybe), per park, seven months of the year with extra vehicles to be dispatched in an emergency, does not have the entire fleet on or off the road, even a minimum of the time. Therefore, the matching funds may be somewhat high.
Last weekend, two clubs (Escarabajo and East Bay Hi-Tailers) hosted an event at Frank Raines. The park was nearly at capacity, every camp space was occupied, with rigs parked on both flat areas and along the street.  Not a Sheriff’s deputy on site, although county park personnel were easy to find.
I have no critique of the requested flashlights, rappelling equipment, safety equipment or training (although this last might have been better slotted under the grant request for Education).
Although I have made reference to how seldom we see law enforcement personnel at Frank Raines, I do want to note that when they are on site, they do a fantastic job.
Thank you for your consideration. [Diana Mead - 4/4/11]