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Stanislaus County Parks & Recreation Department

G10-03-20-G01/2: On behalf of the California Off Road Vehicle Association, I would like to express my great support for both Ground Operation grant requests by Stanislaus County. The county maintains two OHV opportunities in a difficult budgetary time. These OHV opportunities are critical to enthusiasts in a wide geographical are due to the closure of Clear Creek Management area, and desperately need improvement and maintenance. Specifically, Frank Raines needs more than the routine maintenance called for in the grant request. For most grant requests, I would question that staffing needs as requested, but in the case of Frank Raines, I can support the need for a full-time and part time maintenance staff.

In short, these are critical OHV opportunities, and whatever the community can do to support and maintain these parks is necessary. We have had worked very closely with staff at Stanislaus County in reference to events held at the facility, and look forward to working together with the county for years to come.  [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

G10-03-20-G01:  Considering the location and size of this park, this is not an exorbitant grant request. I agree overall that camping and OHV recreation at Frank Raines park is a positive experience, but, there are lingering issues at the park that don’t seem to be addressed, nor are they in this grant request.
The fund request as outlined is necessary and reasonable.
However, the trails are in need of maintenance. Neither cost nor time for this ongoing project is listed in the grant. A children’s riding area has been repeatedly promised and has yet to be completed.  Additional acreage has been acquired by the  park and sits in limbo waiting for further study.
I understand there is an ongoing water project for which Stanislaus county continues to supply funding. This project is generally for the benefit of the park, as there is little population in the surrounding environment. Unless this projects’ full cost was used as match opportunity in a former application, this dollar amount in the matching column, would allow for additional grant funding.
The park does have volunteer resources to assist with trail maintenance but if supplies and equipment could be housed at the park, this maintenance could be delivered as needed, weather permitting. The volunteer resources are limited to clear weather weekends in the fall, winter and spring and are further limited in accessing equipment.
This park is an OHV jewel. Several clubs have supported Frank Raines for over thirty years with our money and more importantly, our volunteer time. The staff on site at the park are generally friendly and helpful. It makes sense to equip them with needed supplies as well as adequate staffing. That the money for this comes from grant allocation also makes sense. The OHV community sticker money, grants, back to the OHV community.
I support the grant as requested but wish it had gone further. [Diana Mead - 4/4/11]