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Sierra County Sheriff's Office

I think this grant application was typed on my computer.  Sure looks like the kind of typing that occurs on mine.
This County is very rural in nature, has very few permanent citizens, and provides recreational opportunities for thousands of people traveling here from out of the area.  The fact that they have never requested funds before while providing the services is commendable.  Many recreational opportunities exist in this county and it is only fair that they receive funds to help meet the growing costs to this county.  They provide a website listing recreational opportunities and it would be wise to include tread lightly and safety instructions on the website to educate the public.  ROC supports this grant with the caveat that under 'Deployment of Personnel' that they use the funds to #1 - EDUCATE the public.
I contacted Sierra County and asked if they allow mixed use on their unpaved roads.  The idea had never occurred to them but they immediately put it on the agenda for the B/S to consider doing this.  They are a user friendly county and we need to support them.

G10-03-55-S01 $16,220  Sierra County Education and Safety Grant  Contact:  Same as above
ROC is in complete support of this grant.  After reading the second paragraph under A.  Statement of Activity or Product, we firmly believe this county needs this grant.  We are not sure if the increase in search & rescue members caused this increase in missions county wide or if the number of missions has increased because the training of these new members is vastly inadequate due to the lack of proper equipment to find them. 
Sierra County has on its own and for many years met the needs of the public visiting their area and with the change in the economy I am sure their budgets are like others and they can use the help.  They are asking for so little and are leveraging it very well.  They should be rewarded for their service to the pubic for all these years out of their own revenues.  We support this grant. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair, Recreation Outdoors Coalition (ROC) - 4/1/11]