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I’m not sure exactly how these comments should be formatted so I will break them down by grant application:

G10-04-22-G02: I think this grant application is very appropriate for OHV support and well needed.  This money would go directly to support maintenance efforts that help keep OHV opportunities open. As a volunteer that has worked on trail maintenance projects, it is often hard to gather the tools needed to work and requires a lot of planning and coordination.  It would be great to have dedicated tools for work parties.

G10-04-22-S01: Education, research and signage are critical to the health of the Rubicon Trail in my opinion.  I believe the education efforts made thus far have contributed greatly to the improvement in trail conditions and trail etiquette.  I have even worked at a mid trail counting station on the trail several times.  Most of the people I met with were happy to hear what I had to say and were thrilled to have a spill kit or WAG bag provided to them if they had forgotten their own.  These grant requests directly benefit a key OHV opportunity.  I would like to voice a concern though that we don’t have too many educational/counting stations or place too many trial markers on the trail. I don’t want people to become frustrated with the educational efforts because they feel they are being contacted too often. [Morgan DeRodeff - 4/4/11]

G10-04-22-G01, G10-04-22-G02: I fully support both of these grant requests submitted by the Rubicon Trail Foundation. They have show consistent effort in maintaining the Rubicon trail, and any grants they receive go directly to benefiting the trail and the OHV users of that trail. [Rick Ferdon - 4/4/11]

G10-04-22-G01/2: I would like to voice support for both Ground Operations grant requests that have been submitted from the Rubicon trail Foundation. The Rubicon Trail Foundation has a history and reputation for taking care of one of the most treasured trails to OHV enthusiasts throughout the country - the Rubicon. The monies requested will help keep the trail open, by providing sums to solve some of the serious issues facing the trail. The amounts requested are appropriate to the work planned, and the Foundation has used all previous moneys awarded in grants responsibly.

G10-04-22-S01: I would also like to support the Education and Safety Grant as requested by the Foundation. RTF, along with Friends of the Rubicon have worked together to educate users of the trail about appropriate behavior on the trail. This work, well-supported by volunteer efforts as well, go a long way to keeping the trail open to all users. As a well-known trail, the Rubicon is subject to more usage and also more scrutiny than many of the other trails in California. Because of this it is critical to fund projects like these to keep the trail open. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

I wanted to comment on both the RTF ground operation and Education and Safety Grant applications.

The ground operations grant will facilitate volunteer maintenance efforts with the ability to transport materials through challenging terrain and increase the effectiveness of projects necessary to maintain this historical route.  I applaud the appropriate technology of the trailers designed for this task and I hope similar units can be made available to other groups.
While much can be done to repair and maintain trails, prevention of damage through good stewardship seems to me the best solution to protect this unique national treasure.  The educational program you propose can do much to minimize the impact of the large numbers of visitors that this trail attracts.  I think it is an excellent counterpoint to the ground operation campaign.  I hope both programs will be funded.  [Mark D. Cave, President CA4WDC, Inc. - 4/3/11]

I just wanted to send this comment that I endorse the Grant Application requested by the Rubicon Trail Foundation #20-1397705. The Rubicon Trail in northern California is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable OHV trails I have had the pleasure of using. For the past several years I have been a member of the Santa Cruz 4 Wheel Drive Club, and  have made annual trips to the Rubicon OHV Trail each and every year. I have seen first hand the effects of the trail's popularity and the increase of recreational use, and  wholeheartedly support the Rubicon Trail Foundation in their efforts to maintain and improve the trail for future generations of OHV enthusiasts.

Please support this request of funds for the OHV program and for all of the great work the Rubicon Trail Foundation has done and continues to do for this wonderful resource. [Robin Down - 3/19/11]