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Plumas County Sheriff's Office

G10-03-13-LO1 Plumas Sheriff's Office: I have reviewed the grant application and fully support all aspects of it. I have watched the support given to Friends of the High Lakes; in action and know it is a positive benefit having their help. I respectfully submit this for your full consideration. [Laurene Turner - 4/4/11]

Recreation Outdoors Coalition supports this law enforcement grant in the amount of $114,607.  I believe it says something when I have not received one complaint about this law enforcement office in all the years I have been chair of ROC.  They have attended every event I have been to and interact with the crowd in a very meaningful way with no problems.  They do a good job of educating the public and creating a good law enforcement atmosphere.
The Plumas County Sheriff's office has shown good judgment in the past by purchasing two snowmobiles and a trailer with in-lieu tax funds.  To most of the public, in most counties, it appears this money goes into a black hole.
We also believe the request for the rig for hauling a snow cat is very reasonable.  The Sheriff's office has done an excellent job of leveraging its funds by overhauling this piece of junk for a number of years.  It gets to the point where it is more cost effective to simply replace it.  They are not requesting funds for a new vehicle.  [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/25/11]