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Friends of The High Lakes

G10-4-53-GO1 Friends of the High Lakes: I have reviewed the grant application and fully support all aspects of it. I have watched this group in action and know with this funding more great things will happen. I respectfully submit this for your full consideration. [Laurene Turner - 4/4/11]

G10-4-53-GO1: This is a great grant request, and I completely support this grant request. What Friends of the High Lakes has proposed is a unique collaboration between CSU Chico and FOTHL to accomplish projects aimed at keeping this important OHV area open to enthusiasts. I especially like the fact that students will be used from the university for on-site work.

I also approve of the work planned to upgrade the Ham Radio repeater, as a Ham Radio operator myself (KJ6IXX) I understand first hand how important Ham Radio access is for emergency situations.

It is a shame to note that part of the work needed int his area is in response to an absurd Forest Service policy prohibiting OHV (greensticker) use on ML3 roads. the OHV community is paying a high price both literally and figuratively for this senseless policy. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]

Pete and I have reviewed the grant application G10-04-53-G01 submitted by Friends of the High Lakes.  As users of the High lakes Trails and camping areas, and part of the volunteer base that donates time and materials to help preserve its integrity, we strongly support this grant application.

This non-profit organization has proven itself to be well-organized and resourceful in its efforts to work cooperatively and effectively with the USFS to b ring about substantial improvement in the safety and proper use of the High Lakes roads, campgrounds and hiking trails.  The ham radio station built last year is solar powered and has provided a means of communicating in the High Lakes area that not only supports group projects but also appreciably enhances safety and emergency response capabilities.  Its maintenance, therefore, is a crucial ongoing concern.  Utilizing the rocks situated at the entrance for a parking/trailer area will not only make use of large rocks that cannot be used on the roads, but will also provide a centralized location for unloading OHV.  The ongoing efforts to rehabilitate existing trails that have been destroyed or severely affected by recent fire activity and subsequent downfall and erosion is paramount to sustaining safe and conscientious use of the High Lakes off road trails.  The ability to safely access the area and patrol in the winter months is also meaningful to sustaining the volunteer oversight of use of the trails in snowy conditions. Most especially, we support the ability to coordinate with CSU Chico and hire students and a part time director to participate in this program. 

I searched diligently for a way to comment directly on the website but could not find it, so this comment is being emailed to and the FOTHL for processing prior to the deadline.  Thank you for the opportunity to demonstrate our support this grant application. [Pete and Peggy Moak - 4/3/11]

With increased use in the High Lakes area I see a need for this grant to be approved. Over the last few years Friends of the High Lakes have made many improvements both for the environment and sustainable use. I feel it is in the best interest of all to continual to support groups of this type.  [Daniel Foshee - 4/3/11]

Friends of High Lakes adopted the High Lakes several years ago and has put in countless hours in partnership with the Almanor District of the Lassen National Forest.  This coalition of hard working , dedicated folks have done more than any volunteer group here in the North State to keep this area, badly in need of maintenance, open for the public.  They had developed great workable ideas for protecting the resources while maintaining good OHV opportunities for the public.  This group has researched every idea of how to maintain this area and has brought in a huge number of volunteers to help, believing that if people are involved they have ownership.  They also will be bringing in college students which gives them on the ground training in recreational ground operations.  We are finding that the rec tech's and officers in the agencies have no idea what happens on the ground so this type of training is wonderful.  We support this grant application. [Sylvia Milligan, Chair ROC - 3/25/11]