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City of Porterville Parks & Leisure Services

G10-03-24-G01: Small OHV parks located in local communities should be the backbone of OHV recreation throughout the state. These are parks that are great for children and families, and the City of Porterville should be commended for the OHV opportunity located in their city. Looking at the amounts requested, the majority of the funds are allocated to materials and on-the-ground associated expenses, with a very small proportion for salaries. We have to recognize that this is a difficult budgetary time, and the OHV community should recognize and support all those small towns, cities and counties that support us!

G10-03-24-L01: Hand in hand with OHV opportunities comes the responsibility of  enforcing the appropriate laws. I support this grant request because the City of Porterville offers legal OHV opportunities to enthusiasts. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]