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California Trail Users Coalition

G10-04-06-S01: I completely support the grant request by the California Trail Users Coalition. the Safety & Education grants proposes to use technology to change the way OHV enthusiasts receive information about what trails are open and accessible, and areas that are closed. This will serve two important goals - letting the public know where they can go to encourage legal riding opportunities, and letting the public know where they can't go, which will protect valuable habitat.

This is a very appropriate use of OHV Trust Funds since it will give land managers a new way to let the public know what's going on with trails in Southern California. The absence of this information has led to numerous problems, and instances of environmental damage, this new method of downloading information from the internet will also appeal to a younger user demographic. Please fund this grant request - I think it's a great idea!

G10-04-06-G01: I also support this grant request by the California Trails Users Coalition. Stewards of the Sierra National Forest have an exemplary reputation for on-the-ground maintenance work in the Sierra National Forest. This grant will enable them to continue their trail maintenance activity, thereby keeping trail opportunities active in the Sierra. Many of the trails in the Sierra National Forest were either closed completely or temporarily pending mitigation during Travel Management, and it's only by funding this ground operations requests that OHV enthusiasts have hope of keeping trail opportunities open in the Sierra. Stewards of the Sierra National Forest have appropriately used and managed previous grant funding.  [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]