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Calaveras County Sheriff's Office

I would like to question a couple of the amounts in the law enforcement grant applications submitted by Calaveras County Sheriff's Department. It's very difficult to separate the two grant requests, but between the two requests, a lot of expensive equipment has been requested. A 4x4 truck, quad and a snowmobile have been requested, which will always raise some questions in my mind.

Also, it has been noted in the grant request that the Sheriff's Department has entered into an MOU with Sierra Pacific Industries, but no mention has been made of any monetary support received from SPI in this agreement. If the department is making patrols on private property, the OHV public should not be paying for those patrols, it would be an inappropriate use of public funds.

While I generally support law enforcement believing that appropriate enforcement helps save OHV opportunity rather than hurt OHV opportunity, I would just like these questions answered before supporting this application. [Amy Granat - 4/4/11]